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London United Kingdom (UK)

© 2019 Tim Snell. All Rights Reserved. London, United Kingdom

I help people connect to their truth, tap into their potential and live their path of true purpose

If you're reading this, you've probably achieved a lot already in your career or your business. You work tirelessly to deliver because you're driven by a deep sense of service to your work or your community. Perhaps you're a go-getter who is driven to achieve and you enjoy the results that you get.

The dark side of this is that you're constantly driven by a voice inside your head that says you need to keep giving because that's how you get ahead. It can leave you exhausted and confused as you look around and ask: 'is this all there is?'

I work with people just like that - people who are waking up and asking for more. If that's you, we should talk.

Consulting, Coaching, Breathwork and Events that Ignite Your Potential.

the mission

Nurturing every individual’s potential so that they may harvest the fruits of their soul's work 

Would you like to soar beyond the clouds of your own doubts?



At some point we are each faced with the questions:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I truly want?

  • How do I find it?


Your Potential

We all have innate gifts to offer the world. Tap into the power of your own gifts and transform how show up in the world.


True Purpose

When you follow the path of true purpose you come into balance with the world around you.

How different could your life be if you lived your legacy now?

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Diamond Light
Barefoot Coaching Trained Coach
NWL sq
Diamond Light
Barefoot Coaching Trained Coach
Tim Snell
Your Potential Alchemist

Every individual is like a forest. Each goal, limiting belief, and personal value is represented by a tree.


As you pour your energy and activity into self-development, this nourishes the trees with water – some grow strong and others are left to struggle for the light they need to thrive.

When everything is in balance each tree is given its own space, earth and sunlight and grows to its full potential. When left to grow wild trees compete for space, clash and steal resources from one another, stunting their ability to flourish.


Most people wander, lost in this green maze, wondering which trees they need to care for – and which can be lost to the forest floor to decay into the sustenance to new life. Why are some trees important?


Which ones need saving? And what is the future for this fragile ecosystem?

Find your way through your own forest with my guidance and support.



Not in another place but this place,

Not for another hour but this hour

Walt Whitman

© Tim Snell 2019



I spent 35 years at the peak of my game in the Fitness Industry. When I needed support to go out on my own, I engaged Tim to help me. 

As I look back at the last 6 months with Tim, I have learned a lot of things about myself, but more importantly, I received some of the best personal coaching one could ask for! He has modeled high-level behavior for me that is invaluable.  As I move forward in a career of serving others, I now have a first-hand experience, and may I add a first-class experience of what it feels like to be "served".


Because of his impeccable character and his genuine interest in my personal success I have evolved my understanding of what coaching is and what being a coach to others is all about. I am forever grateful.

He has always been kind, thoughtful, direct, supportive and always respectful. This steadfast quality of  acceptance is a trait I value the most from Tim. I highly recommend him as a personal coach.

Will A, USA

choose your tribe


Here are four ways your can work with me. Choose one of the services to learn more, or contact us for an initial needs assessment, and we can discuss a custom fit.

Ignite your personal and leadership impact by tapping into your path of purpose, persuasion or potential. These powerful programs will transform your life or your business.

Fixing everything in the external environment doesn't lead to lasting happiness - it's the inner journey that makes all the difference.



Explore stunning locations and experience deep transformation from world class coaches. These curated collaborative adventures will change your life forever.

Sometimes a business challenge arises and you need a quick solution or a long-term fix. Let's cut through the noise and create space for exploring the possible solutions to real-time problems.


Find me @timrsnell