My upcoming memoir will change how you listen to the most important voice in your life, your own.

Meet Tim Snell

Combining breath, coaching and deep wisdom to create deep change

For more than a decade, I walked twin paths in my life.


One was the career-focused professional where I honed my skills as a writer, a leader and problem solver in the world of complex sales. High value sales opportunities are accompanied by massive ambiguity, and almost impossible deadlines – the perfect role for a straight-laced adrenaline junkie.


The other was the committed wisdom seeker, accumulating knowledge and skills as I journeyed around the world and deeper within on a quest for self-understanding and deep listening.


I now stand as a bridge between the worlds of business and spirituality, bringing a unique perspective to my work as Head of People & Performance at a fast-growing tech start-up, Master Breathwork Instructor and Leadership Coach.


I am a new author, but I am is not new to writing about life.

People I've Impacted

I started working with SOMA Breath fairly recently, & was struggling with a lot of physical discomfort in my chest (to the extent that I couldn't actually lie on my front), as well as a shortness of breath. This was scary. 


Under the gentle guidance of Tim Snell, I have persevered & practiced within my own comfort zone (no long breath holds as I was advised). Now, I have no more physical pain, I can breathe properly & I've even been able to go back to yoga practice. 


Tim is an amazing instructor, such compassion & incredible knowledge of his work. I am on a journey & he will remain an important part through his Soma breath classes.

A Z, United Kingdom

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