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The 4 Directions of Potential


TBC 2020

A Potential Igniter Intensive explores the 3 paths of potential on the magical island of Bali. It is a limited opportunity for you to disconnect from every day life, reconnect to yourself and do deep spiritual work. You'll know when you are reading this if Blissful You is the Soul Venture you should join.

Visiting Bali is a dream for many, and it is one island where ceremony forms a huge part of daily life - from small offerings to frequent large gatherings. The magic of Bali is how its people strive to live in right relationship with spirit.

It is the island of the gods.

Our journey in Bali will help us explore our true nature, remind us of our innate abundance and show us the many was we can invite spirit into our lives and homes through simple daily practices.


As we explore the four directions S / W / N / E and their corresponding elements of earth, water, air and fire, we connect deeply with the spirit of nature. Excursions will give us the chance to more deeply experience the magic of Bali as we visit sacred springs, meditate at ancient temples, explore Bali's famous rice paddies and markets, and taste delicious local food.

Our most important ingredients are fun, laughter and a willingness to go beyond our comfort zones as we adventure across Bali to see things like a local.

Ancient Healing Practices For Modern Life

Breathe • Celebrate • Connect

Each day you will be invited to return to your centre to transform old beliefs and thought patterns through carefully designed group and individual activities.

Through the lens of the four directions you will learn how to create a sacred space in your home, use ancient healing techniques that will help you change state when needed, release limiting beliefs and transform old thought structures. We will work with a deeply transformational model for connecting all parts of our human system focusing on our will, heart, body and soul.

By the end of the retreat you will have a practical and easy to use toolkit for inviting more ceremony, purpose and joy into your daily life.

Working with the spirits of Cacao and Hawthorn will to help us open more fully to our inner wisdom. Raw cacao is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. The plant spirit of Hawthorn is one of the most beneficial for healing and opening the energetic heart. 


Our schedule will leave you with ample free time to relax, reflect and re-connect. We will re-group some evenings to share our explorations and experiences.

Whether it's relaxing by the pool, reading in the garden or exploring the village, you will have plenty of opportunities to deeply relax during the retreat.

Bali is a special place and our retreat offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy what this bountiful island has to offer.

Invite Ceremony Into Your Days

Are you ready to live differently?

Our journey begins before you step on the plane and ends long after our time together finishes. Making the intention to start a new way of living is just part of the process, it's how you integrate what you have learned that makes the difference. This retreat is set up to support you to make lasting changes through pre and post-retreat care.

Setting Your Intention​

Prior to the retreat, you will be invited to a 90-120 minute private connecting conversation with Tim. This will help you gain clarity about your intentions for the retreat so that you can make the most of your time and ask any questions.

Our Daily Practice

Each day brings new experiences and opportunities to connect with the natural world. Each morning will begin with meditation and gentle movement before breakfast.


Days 0

We will meet in Ubud for dinner, allowing us to gently land in the magical energy of Bali in one of its most popular resort towns. For those who would like to meet earlier, sunset mocktails can be arranged.


Day 1

If you're an early riser you'll love Ubud Markets around dawn when the custom is mostly Balinese and the trade in fresh produce and ceremony supplies is brisk.

We will all connect for breakfast before exploring the 9th century elephant cave of Goa Gajah and the Sacred Monkey Forest where we can expect a few surprises.

Afternoon will be free time to shop, relax and enjoy the sunset from one of the many off-the-beaten path cafes.


Day 2

Today we will leave Ubud, making our way across the island to North Bali where we will be based for the rest of our time in retreat. Along the way, you will participate in a sacred water purification ceremony to help cleanse and prepare you for the days ahead. We will also explore Bali's own version of Petra and have lunch overlooking the imposing Mount Batur.

In the afternoon we will arrive at our new home and after a brief orientation and welcome, your afternoon and evening will be free for exploration.


Day 3 / 4 - South

Earth resides in the South Realm, the sacred home of mother gaia/pachamamma and our earthly neighbours the plants and animals. Earth, as our home, is the provider of the gifts that enable us to continue our lives each and every day. 


We will learn to connect deeply to the energies of the earth to help us release, clear and come into harmony with her resonance. An offering will be made to help set our intentions and carry our dreams forward in a ceremony that has been performed for hundreds of years.

Working with cacao, we will explore movement and meditation in new and enchanting ways. A trance dance perhaps?


Day 5 - Free Day

Day 6 / 7 - West

Water resides in the West Realm, the home of the rivers, oceans and sacred water spirits. Water is the lifeblood of our bodies and our planet, connecting us deeply to our emotions and the yin energy of the moon.


Expect to splash around beneath powerful waterfalls and receive deep healing at a sacred water temple during these two days as we laugh, explore and enjoy a day out in the wild, raw power of nature.


Day 8 / 9 - North

Air resides in the North Realm, the home of the wind and our breath. Breath is life and connects us deeply to our spiritual centre. Is is through the breath that we can find our most profound healing. These two days will be focused on personal healing and healing others through the power of breath.


Day 10 / 11 - East

Fire resides in the East Realm and it is here that we will explore the great transformation that fire offers. Working with father sun, the masculine yang energy we will once again experience powerful ceremony and be offered the chance to transmute all that no longer serves us.


Day 12 - Integration & Close

All good things must come to an end. Our final full day will be spent integrating our learnings, taking extra time to relax, reflect and journal. 

(B L)

Tim will be available during 'free time' for ongoing support.

Expect to:

  • Make new friends and have fun

  • Connect deeply to nature in beautiful and harmonious ways

  • Learn how to welcome ceremony into your daily life with ease

  • Experience Bali through a truly unique spiritual adventure

  • Enjoy the magic of a Balinese festival from the perspective of a local

Post Retreat Care

After the retreat, you will be invited to connect with Tim by Skype/Zoom for a private 90-120 minute call to check-in and to help you make lasting changes based on what you learned and experienced.

** To get the most out of this retreat, you will be invited to limit consumption of social media, mainstream media, etc and to abstain from alcohol consumption.

Terms & Conditions here.

Experience Bali Like a Local

Off The Tourist Trail

Our retreat will be held north of Ubud, far enough from the hustle and bustle, deep in the mountains of North Bali.

Surrounded by picturesque rice paddies our home for the week is a world away from the every day.

Accommodation will be single or twin share with our retreat cohort, giving you a chance to connect deeply, have fearless conversations and make new friends.

The garden and swimming pool are perfect for relaxation, reading and chilling out.

A short walk from our home provides you with endless options for exploration and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • 2 x 90-120 minute calls with Tim

  • Transfers to the retreat from Ubud and all excursions

  • Accommodation in twin share rooms (private may be available with a supplement)

  • Rooms include ensuite bathroom, ceiling fan, separate lounge and daily water replenishment.

  • Daily breakfast and most meals as noted (B Breakfast, L Lunch, D Dinner)

  • Retreat materials

  • Entrance Fees for retreat excursions

  • 1 chakra balancing, energy healing and intuitive card reading

  • Discounts on future coaching and retreats


  • Any and all airfares.

  • Meals, snacks and drinks not noted as included.

  • Personal travel insurance.

  • Transfers from Sudaji at trip conclusion - shared taxi may be available to Ubud depending on departure.

  • Costs associated with visas and entry requirements.

Is This Eudaimonia Adventure For You?

A Eudaimonia Adventure is not for everyone and not everyone should come on this Eudamonia Adventure. As you read this, were you nervous or excited? If you ask yourself whether you should come on this trip, is it a strong "Yes!"?

This Soul Venture is for you if you:

  • are prepared to show up open and willing to remove your mask(s) and be yourself,

  • are excited to learn new ways of being in the world,

  • willing to participate openly in groups, sharing only as much as you are comfortable,

  • dedicated to preserving sacred confidentiality within the group and showing the utmost respect to your fellow participants,

  • have an interest in shamanism, the natural world and ancient spiritual healing techniques.

  • prepared to minimise social media and mainstream media during our retreat and abstain from alcohol. Mobile phone use will not be permitted during teaching, ceremony or meditations.


Terms & Conditions here.

Your Leader

Tim has traveled to both north and south India, and he has a keen intuition for incredible places.

Initially visiting for yoga and a cashmere business, he has made an almost annual pilgrimage to keep discovering the many regions, textures and flavours of this great country.

Tim is an energy healer, yogi and coach who has walked the shamanic path for more than a decade. His travels have taken him to more than 50 countries, including many of the world's sacred sites and has worked with medicine shamans in the mountains and the Amazon in Peru.  


He also speaks at international events on leadership and personal development, and is able to captivate his audience through his deep connection to natural wisdom.

What others are saying....

I worked with Tim during 2018. It was to be a journey of healing and transformation that I would never have dreamed possible, and with the best guide and mentor anyone could wish to find.


I don’t let go and trust very easily, but Tim’s empathic and sensitive approach allowed me to be open to receive healing on an extremely deep level.

Tim emits an amazing energy, and through the extensive knowledge of this intuitive and talented healer/shaman led me through each session using methods from ancient tribes, some familiar to me but most were new - I experienced many emotions, visions, release of past trauma.


I was given inner work to do for myself through different practices, each with guidance. I had to let go, so that I could move forwards - without Tim this may never have happened.

- Amanda Zayan





11 day Bali Retreat - Shared Twin

Meals as noted

Pre & Post Retreat Care




11 day Bali Retreat - Shared Twin

Meals as noted

Pre & Post Retreat Care


Paying for the trip

> Refundable deposit of £500 to secure your place (see Terms & Conditions here.)

> Balances must be made in GBP

> You are responsible for all and any foreign exchange charges or bank fees

> We must receive the price quoted for your chosen option

> We will invoice you for any shortfall due to FX rates or bank fees at the time of transfer

> Please note full payment must be received by due dates to receive the Early Bird Discount



> While every precaution will be taken to ensure your safety and enjoyment, you are responsible for knowing your own health and fitness limits. 

> All travellers must complete a health check questionnaire as part of booking.

> Comprehensive travel and medical insurance is recommended.

> Indonesia is a developing country. We reserve the right to alter the itinerary or program in case of weather conditions, landslides, flooding, volcanoes, earthquakes, road closures or any situation that may affect your safety.

> We reserve the right to alter the itinerary or program in the case of health or other matters arising in the group. 

Review all Terms & Conditions here.

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