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✅  Reduce workplace stress using scientifically proven techniques

✅  Improve decision making and performance

✅  Improve communication and relationships through emotional regulation

✅  Enhance creativity and help team members tap into their intuition.

From spirit to science - breathwork is here to stay

Breathwork may have started as a yogic practive, reserved for the most dedicated of practitioners. Today it is being used by large organisations, branches of the military and elite athletes to bring about more balance, better performance and transformational changes in mindset. It's also good fun when you combine breathwork with music and the group experience of breathing consciously together.

Master your breath and you are able to master your physiology to bring yourself into a state of alignment - one body, one mind, one breath at a time.

Just a few minutes of using scientifically-proven breathing practices, you can hack your physiology and control your autonomic nervous system.

Tim's workshops help empower people to breathe in an optimal way. He makes them fun and engaging. By helping people understand the science of breathing, he gives people they need to shift their breathing at any time no matter where they are.

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Why Breathwork?

Two words: STRESS & ANXIETY.  Everyone experiences stress in their lives. Increasingly the levels of stress being experienced in relation to work is increasing. That stress is also spilling into the home sphere as well.

Irrespective of your job and the type of work that you do, all types of organisations have stressful elements. One of the great challenges is the blurring of lines between home and work through the ubiquitous use of technology. This has increased stress as people's sense of boundaries are lost.

Breathwork is a powerful tool to help neutralise stress, increase team member productivity and bring them together in a way that they can connect more authentically as a team.

An additional advantage of breathwork is the increased creativity that follows a breathwork session; giving you an edge over your competitors. By clearing stress out of the body, and using music and guided visualisation to amplify the experience, team members will think more clearly and be more creative. It's a proven hack to smarter working.

What will happen during our Breathwork Session?

SOMA Breath and Breathwork is an embodied experience that gives people something unique and different. Different people will have entirely different experiences in the same session and no two sessions are the same.


There are so many factors that impact the experience including your state prior to the session, what you ate, the music and your willingness to surrender to the experience.


Most people finish a session with more openness, gratitude and joy than when they started. SOMA Breath has been known to elicit powerful shifts in people and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

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Why Breathe with Tim?

The positive impacts of breathwork are being recognised more and more right now. Tim came to breathwork after he left his corporate career and experienced his own transformation. He now leads a global community who come together for weekly breathwork sessions.


The act of breathing is automatic, but when we bring our conscious awareness to it, magic can happen. Like Yoga or Meditation, not everyone will want to engage; but this is where SOMA Breath is different and where Tim really shines.

Tim's SOMA Breath journey is unlike anything else your team will have experienced; and Tim knows how companies work. He has a direct approach that suits his corporate clients and he has a natural gift to guide people through a powerful experience.

Part of the SOMA Breath magic is the combination of ecstatic, high energy music, proven breathing techniques and guided visualisation.

The results from SOMA Breath are immediate and felt so deeply, they are undeniable.

The experience for your team:

  • The release of toxins from the cells of the body

  • An improved sense of balance and vitality

  • An deep feeling of peace and gratitude

  • A greater sense of community among teams/team members

  • A massive connection to creativity and confidence

  • More energised team members

  • A boost in individual and team morale

  • Greater levels of effectiveness with regular practice

  • The ability to let go of old patterns and behaviours

  • Massive stress relief

  • Lower levels of depression, stress and anxiety

  • Deep states of peace  and relaxation

  • Relief from physical pain

  • A strengthened immune system

  • Improved digestion

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Better sleeping patterns and quality

  • Better clarity and focus

  • More flow and greater abundance

SOMA Breath creator, Niraj, talks about the power of SOMA Breath to bring people together.


No matter what the occasion - a public event, a client event or for wellbeing at the office, a guided breathwork or SOMA Breath session will enhance the experience of what you're trying to create.

SOMA Breath and any other form of breathwork can be done in an upright, seated position, laying down or even to gentle movement. Tim's guidance along with the power of the music provided by SOMA Breath lets participants feel completely present in their own body, energised and blissed beyond measure.

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