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London United Kingdom (UK)

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"Tim is an outstanding business development professional, trainer and coach. I recommend him to any company looking to grow and significantly improve its turnover and margins"

~ Mike A, UAE ~


Business Winning Leadership Challenge

Become the leader you were born to be...

"A tailored, high impact online leadership program designed to develop the habits of a highly effective leader and put them at the heart of your leadership toolkit: Authenticity, Mastery and Performance"

"Tim was a great speaker, his leadership training was fantastic. Great content, will definitely take this on board. Wish it was longer, as this is a great session."

Becoming the leader you were born to be will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your career. It will open you to the potential of who you are and create a powerful impact that ignites the potential in others.


Spaced out across 9 impactful weeks, this leadership challenge will help you discover the Leader that lies just below the surface or that is buried deep within, just waiting to be unleashed.

You will read, watch, listen and interact with other leaders in a dynamic high-touch online environment that connects learning with coaching.

No-one else in our industry offers this model of learning and not enough people in our industry are tapping into the power of better leadership - whether you're leading others or not.


I deeply believe in the philosophy that by becoming better humans we become better leaders.  By deeply understanding who you are, how you show up, and the blocks that are getting in the way, you can then create ways to motivate the best performance from your team members.

Inspire exceptional performance by awakening your existing capacity for greater Authenticity, Mastery and Performance in your work.

Leading opportunities can seem easy compared to leading people who are leading opportunities. It requires an entirely different skillset, different mindsets and a whole new way of being.

The truth is, there is no one right way or a one-size fits all. What the A.M.P. Approach does is help you to find the way that works for who you truly are so that you can ignite a team to be the best they can be.

Knowing what to do can be a frustrating and lonely experience. We've got to help each other and that's why I'm here.

My goal is to help you discover the leader you were born to be and share tools to help you show up more powerfully for your team.

The AMP Approach systematically helps you dig deeply into your personal leadership style, and helps you create a new path in leading bid and proposal professionals.

When we break it down it seems simple:

What is the A.M.P. Approach


Authenticity and authentic leadership aren't new concepts, but they are becoming increasingly important in a world that feels more separate, disconnected and tribal. 

As teams search for a sense of belonging, leaders who can inspire trust through their genuine capacity for being 'real' will deliver and sustain better long-term performance.

Without actually being authentic, a leader will never be able to appear as if they are. It requires a leader to be self-aware and have the ability to recognise and acknowledge their own strengths and weaknesses.


While mastery is related to a sense of competence and skill, in a leadership context it is also related to the capacity to master oneself, evolving your influence and growing your ability to shape your reality.

Where leaders exercise mastery, they become a true source of inspiration and through their continued ability to transcend the struggles of leadership, they become a beacon for their teams. Where mastery is lacking, teams experience mediocrity.


Leadership is an action, not a title.

We have all experienced 'leaders' in our careers and some of them simply held the title without delivering the requisite results in leadership or performance. The measure of leadership effectiveness is always linked to performance, and effective leaders experience performance success because they have a capacity to harness the resources of their teams to deliver exceptional results.

Effective leaders don’t promise to perform and they don’t claim to have performed when they haven't – they do what they say they will do. When they make a mistake (as inevitably happens), they will admit it, learn from it and correct it.

The most effective leaders gain credibility from their followers due to their honesty, their integrity and their willingness to accept responsibility for their actions.

Without consistent performance, there are no results.


chart courtesy of www.presentationgo.com



Leaves your team questioning your authority if you haven’t developed the skills and competencies to execute with excellence and integrity.


You spend a lot of time focusing on the skills and the relationships at the expense of driving alignment to outputs, value and accountability.


You’re able to get the job done but your team don’t trust you because you haven’t been able to develop relationships and demonstrate results that sustain vitality and confidence in the team.

When you get all three working in harmony you will deliver inspired results through you natural authority, trust and performance.

The Program

Each week the group will explore high powered lessons in 7 key areas. The lessons are drawn from 20 years experience in business winning with 10 of those years spent building and leading successful teams.


During the course, new insights will arise and group members support each other to integrate these learnings into their way of being and working. Underpinning elements of the course is a powerful talent and leadership model called Talent Dynamics.

Key outcomes of participants

  • Learn and apply a set of fundamental Leadership Fundamentals in a Business Winning context.

  • Deeply understand of your leadership style through a full Talent Dynamics Assessment and gain insights to your strengths, behaviours that hold you back and your natural path to leadership impact. 

  • Demonstrate measurable progress in key Leadership Competencies and identified areas for growth.

  • Develop capabilities to create a team culture of trust, integrity, collaboration and performance.

  • Understand resilience and develop ways to deal more effectively with future challenges in the team and the broader work environment.

  • Develop an understanding and application of high-performance in a Business Winning context.

  • Expand your capacity to give and receive feedback and powerful acknowledgements to/from your peers.



chart courtesy of www.showeet.com

3 Phases



Prior to the commencement of the program, each participant will be asked to complete an application, a Talent Dynamics profile and survey to identify the 2-3 specific growth areas they would like to focus on throughout the course.



Throughout the course, each participant will meet as a group with a Business Winning Coach and have the chance to work with a buddy and their peers to create an accountability partnership and inspire success in their leadership development.



At the end of the course, participants will complete a self-evaluation form to help them measure their own leadership impact. A more powerful result can be achieved if participants work with their own leadership and gather feedback from other stakeholders.


First Course Bonuses

❖ BONUS 1 ❖


3 Registrations

Free 45 minute Talent Dynamics Debrief Session. The debrief will give you deep insights into how you add value to your role, your team and your organisation + Bonus 2 and 3.

❖ BONUS 2 ❖


4 Registrations

Free group workshop to help you create your personal anthem. This will give you a powerful way to describe what you do, leading to deeper connections with peers and colleagues + Bonus 3.

❖ BONUS 3 ❖


5 Registrations

Follow up group coaching call 1 month after the conclusion of the course to debrief and refine your leadership impact.

The first course starts in early 2020 and is limited to 10 leaders.


  • Complete all the online modules and activities

  • Commit to participating in 9 x Group Reflection and Planning Calls

  • Access to pc/laptop with video and audio mic.

  • Google Drive access


  • Access to all online content for the life of the program and ongoing access to updates

  • 9 Group Reflection & Planning Calls

  • Individual Talent Dynamics Assessment Report valued at £75 for the assessment

  • Lifetime access to Talent Dynamics Assessment and associated Microdegree

  • How to Fascinate Assessment & Profile valued at £55 for the assessment

  • Lifetime access to Fascinate Assessment and associated resources


I have knew Tim for the past 2 years, we I started my APMP CP preparation, we were interacting very often, during those two years I found his skills and experience in the bid and proposal management and all associated related domains like capture & storyboard are impressive and appreciated. 


He was able to guide me thought the APMP CP preparation and helped me pass my certificate at end. His communication was always clear, comments were insightful and was able to correct my direction when needed. I found him great mentor and I am grateful for all the effort he spent to make my APMP CP certificate journey successful.

— Dmytro, United Arab Emirates

About Tim

I am the Deputy Chief Examiner of APMP, and I have spent 20 years in the Business Winning profession helping companies to win billions of dollars in new business. Now I help turn managers into leaders who inspire trust and deliver incredible results.

I passionately believe that people are not assets, they are people - with with all their flaws, feelings and gifts. My gift is understanding how to create high performing teams that deliver powerful results for my clients. Recruiting and hiring is just one part of the equation. True team leadership requires a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on. Leadership is a contact sport and if leaders are not prepared to get into the arena with their colleagues, they should get out of leadership.

My work has developed high-impact teams in Australia, United Arab Emirates and the UK, and those I have led recommend others to come and learn from me.


Using cutting edge tools in team and individual development that don't focus on faults and flaws, you can create high performance teams that work. I am passionate about creating resilient teams and my work includes elements of stress management and workplace resilience.

APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2017

"Tim was really engaging and calm, I'm really pleased that I selected this talk as it was relevant. I enjoyed the interaction - more workshop than being talked at :)  

Wish it had been longer...Key Note?

Well Done Tim!"



Companies, Groups and Entrepreneurs are discovering the power of adding heart back into their work

People are yearning for a deeper connection, whether that is in the work, their family life or to themselves. Discussions of the 'heart' are becoming more frequent in all types of organisations. 

Heart Math Institute describes "Adding heart" as increasing "care and genuine connection with others and harmonizes the resistance between our own mind and heart. 


Adding heart is especially about practicing kindness and compassion, along with forgiveness and latitude in our interactions."

As a trained Add Heart Facilitator, Tim incorporates these core techniques into his work as a way to help people reduce their stress and increase their resilience. These techniques are based on 25 years scientific research that is continually updated.

Tim was really engaging and calm, I'm really pleased that I selected this talk as it was relevant. I enjoyed the interaction - more workshop than being talked at :)  Wish it had been longer...Key Note? Well Done Tim!