5 Elements - A SOMA Breath Experience V1🌱💧🌬🔥🌈

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Want to connect with the elements and learn ancient energy healing practices? Join this 36-day program introducing a deeper connection to the natural world through guided visualisation, breathwork and Andean energy healing. You will receive weekly prompts for connecting to the element for that week along with journaling ideas and a weekly call with Tim Snell. Each week will introduce you to a new element: Week 1: Earth Week 2: Water Week 3: Air Week 4: Fire Week 5: Ether A final integration meditation will be take place at the end of Week 5. Sessions will be structured as follows: 1. Settle in & Open Space 2. Introduction to the element, its correspondences to different traditions and its connection to the platonic solids in Andean Shamanic Healing 3. SOMA Breath Meditation with the Element 4. Q&A 5. Close If you miss a session, links will be provided within 24 hours. Access is confirmed after payment is received - £55 for the Series.

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