Tim Snell

Certified International Leadership & Performance Coach

SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor

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"Tim has so much depth and creates unique experiences for his community"

I reached the pinnacle of my career in the business-winning profession and spent 20 years helping multi-national companies in Australia, Middle East and Europe to create exceptional teams, improve win rates and create solutions for some of the world's most complex problems. I now help people and businesses to reach their potential.


I have a deeply held belief that everyone can be an authentic leader of their own life, and in so doing, can create sustainable happiness in life and work.


I firmly believe we have the capacity to create a life of purpose and joy, and that we become better leaders by becoming better humans.

Three Elements

Breath. Mind. Soul.


When I tried SOMA Breath I knew that I needed to share this with the world.

As a coach I understood the power of the mind, as a healer I help people connect to their soul.

Combining all three, I help people move mountains as they discover the truth of their experience, let go of the things that are holding them back, and help them create a pathway to the life they want to live today.

Man sitting at Jebal Haroun Petra Jordan Tim Snell

Petra, Jordan

Palmyra Syria Tim Snell 2009 Life Coach

Palmyra, Syria

Tim Snell Life Coach Man standing with 2 hump camel in Mongolia


Man standing under Dragon's Blood Tree Socotra Island Yemen

Socotra, Yemen

About Tim Snell

Most people know me as an expert who has built exceptional teams of sales and proposal professionals at large multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations, or as the Deputy Chief Examiner of the Global Association of Proposal Management Professionals.

I've worked in highly dynamic and pressurised environments, building teams from the ground up, and then developing their talent so that together we could help win billions of dollars in new contracts while making a difference in the world.


I am also known for creating scalable, repeatable ways of working and seeing the potential in each of my team members. I was also known for being adventurous in my travels and intrepidly going to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Mongolia and a whole host of other remote, dangerous or austere places for work.

When I worked with the leaders in these businesses, I helped them see better ways to get things done, and how to cultivate the talents of the team, because underneath it all I'm extraordinarily good at developing people's skills, seeing their gifts and building trusted relationships.

My story is longer than this. Throughout my life I've seen the world from a different perspective, and I think about the world differently. At age 4, I learned I was deaf in one ear but I didn't let it to hold me back. In high school I was dealing with some deep emotional challenges and despite all the peer pressure and stress, I graduated in the top 6% of the State.

In the corporate world, I didn't think I would make it because I dropped out of University three times but I became highly successful anyway in Australia, the United Arab Emirates and the U.K. where I live now. I eventually got my MBA and I'm working on a Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching.

This is all because I am committed and I'm resilient. I know what it takes to break through the barriers of self-doubt and to feel confused when nothing makes sense. When I show up to work with my clients, I am all in. I am committed to success, but in many different ways. I am committed to my community, my family and to being generous in sharing my wisdom and spending the time to deeply know someone.

Deep down I am a very spiritual person, and I have so much capacity for my work, my studies, my family and my community. I am extraordinary at what I do, but I'm a life long learner as well; and I'm always looking for ways to improve myself or the ways I'm working.

There's a dark side to each of those. There are times when I can get caught up trying to do too many things or feeling that I need to get everything done right now. There's been a secret desire underneath to be able to do it all and be recognised for my contribution. 


So that capacity to do so much, and the desire to continue learning has a drawback - I have been burnt out. I know what it feels like to burn out trying to support everyone else when I feel completely unsupported myself; and from taking on too many things when I'm already over-committed or beating myself up when I do set a limit.

I've been constantly driven by this voice inside of my head that says there's always more to do, it's never enough for today, you have to keep going; and it can be overwhelming.


Hiding underneath that, a secret that drives me is the sense that I'm an imposter and that I'll be found out. It doesn't matter the acknowledgements I have out in the world. Sometimes that means I don't even recognise my own brilliance; and I hold back from taking big leaps because I doubt myself.

I'm a consultant and a change-maker, and I work with clients just like that.


Most people think that those people who show up in the world as very confident and appearing to have it all together are lucky or especially gifted. The truth is that they can appear that way, and still be deeply insecure at their core. I've been held back, despite all of my accomplishments, by a deep fear of failure; of making a fool of myself, or of not being taken seriously.

If you are committed to being successful in ways that you don't even yet know; if you've been extraordinary successful but underneath it have this sense that 'I'm an imposter or I'll be found out', then you and I should have a conversation.



  • Master of Business Administration (Leadership & Certification)

  • Diploma of Business (Management)

  • APMP Professional Level + Trainer & Certification Assessor


  • SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor

  • Add Heart Facilitator, HeartMath Institute

  • Natural Wisdom Leaders, Ayni Foundation

  • Yoga Teacher Training (RYS 200)

  • Usui Reiki Levels I & II

  • Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Diamond Light Activations


Let go of the limiting beliefs, the trapped emotions and the past that no longer fits.

I help people reach their goals, step outside their own limitations and achieve more than they imagined they could.

In 30 minutes I can help you to take the next step.

Live Breathwork Journeys that combine hypnotic music, rhythmic breathing and ecstatic states for a mind-blowing experience.

Make your meditation more fun, meaningful and transformative.


Man sitting on a stone ledge in Petra Jordan

Tim is truly unique. His approach is an admirable blend of cultural, social and spiritual awareness delivered in a considered and pragmatic manner.

~ Stuart K, United Kingdom ~