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London United Kingdom (UK)

Ignite Your Potential Each Month

"I thought this was one of the best sessions because it taught me to look at the communication styles of my team and try to address those styles instead of being frustrated by them"

~ APMP, BPC 2019 Orlando ~

Coach To Lead

APMP Professional Development Workshop

For leaders who want to drive higher performance with their teams

Why Is It Important?

Bidding is competitive and pressured, and in any competitive arena coaching can be used as a tool to help people to move beyond self-imposed limitations to greater levels of performance and success. Just as athletes have coaches, leaders are increasingly expected to lead through development vs management.


Coaching can be an enriching experience for both leaders and team members by shifting the dynamic from performance management to performance improvement and beyond. When used as a consistent development tool, coaching can help leaders improve their self awareness and refine their leadership style as they coach their team members and create a performance-based culture.

Who Is It For?

This workshop is designed to help leaders understand the coaching process and how it can be applied adaptively within bid and proposal teams.


What Will We Do?

The workshop invites you to be curious as you practice new coaching tools in a fun and interactive setting. At the end of the workshop you will have:

  1. An understanding of the coaching process and its application for leaders today

  2. Coaching tools and models that you can apply to bid and proposal team development, such as:

    • Situational leadership,

    • Models of resilience for bid teams,

    • Understanding limiting beliefs and how to help shift them,

    • 15 minute coaching conversations for busy leaders.

    • And more

  3. Experience using the coaching tools with others, and

  4. Confidence to use coaching as a development tool with your team members.



£127.12 including VAT and booking fees

£162.25 including VAT and booking fees








People are not assets, they are people - with with all their flaws, feelings and gifts. My gift is understanding how to create high performing teams that deliver powerful results for my clients. Recruiting and hiring is just one part of the equation. True team development requires a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on. Leadership is a contact sport and if leaders are not prepared to get into the arena with their colleagues, they should get out of leadership.

My work has developed high-impact teams in Australia, United Arab Emirates and the UK, and those I have led recommend others to come and learn from me.


Using cutting edge tools in team and individual development that don't focus on faults and flaws, you can create high performance teams that work. I am passionate about creating resilient teams and my work includes elements of stress management and workplace resilience.

APMP Bid & Proposal Con 2017

"Tim was really engaging and calm, I'm really pleased that I selected this talk as it was relevant. I enjoyed the interaction - more workshop than being talked at :)  

Wish it had been longer...Key Note?

Well Done Tim!"

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International Events:

"Tim was a great speaker, his leadership training was fantastic. Great content, will definitely take this on board. Wish it was longer, as this is a great session."



Companies, Groups and Entrepreneurs are discovering the power of adding heart back into their work

People are yearning for a deeper connection, whether that is in the work, their family life or to themselves. Discussions of the 'heart' are becoming more frequent in all types of organisations. 

Heart Math Institute describes "Adding heart" as increasing "care and genuine connection with others and harmonizes the resistance between our own mind and heart. 


Adding heart is especially about practicing kindness and compassion, along with forgiveness and latitude in our interactions."

As a trained Add Heart Facilitator, Tim incorporates these core techniques into his work as a way to help people reduce their stress and increase their resilience. These techniques are based on 25 years scientific research that is continually updated.

Tim was really engaging and calm, I'm really pleased that I selected this talk as it was relevant. I enjoyed the interaction - more workshop than being talked at :)  Wish it had been longer...Key Note? Well Done Tim!