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London United Kingdom (UK)

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your impact potential


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"

Maya Angelou, poet

We all carry the seeds of potential within us.


authentically and activate that potential.


the potential in others through powerful leadership


your business with purpose and live your mission

Free 90-minute exploration

to learn what lights you up and get some insight into how we might work together. It's about both of us being aligned to work together.

A powerful partnership

that lasts for 6 or 12 months. I don't believe in packages or complicated offers. Real change takes time and I'm committed to helping you dig deep and move mountains.

An envelope of trust

based on a set of agreements that creates space for deep transformation.

When you want to transform your life, you have to be prepared for intensity. I am known for my ability to create a powerful space for reflection, support and deep work. I offer razor sharp insights from a place of love and service by listening at all levels of communication.

Each coaching engagement includes 6 key elements to support the co-creation of your transformation.

Deep dive into your natural genius

using Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics to learn your natural strengths and ways of working, how you see the world and relate to other people.

Personalised resources

to help you explore topics of interest and materials to help you accelerate your personal development.

A personalised service

made just for you to record your ideas, thoughts, whatever. Journals are either leather or eco-bound - you choose!



I have known Tim for several years and was very happy to have been given the opportunity to have a life coaching session with him. I have been plagued for years with an underlying issue and blockage around my creative passions. I have never had a life coaching session, so I was very open to experiencing this guidance with Tim. 


Tim was extremely compassionate, non-judgmental and very professional in his work with me. He introduced new ways of self discovery for me that hit my core so deeply, I was barely able to speak (this happens to me when I am receiving deep healing and truths that I recognize). Through Tim’s wise guidance I am now able to enjoy the process in my work rather than freezing at the thought of imperfection.

I highly recommend Tim if you are considering a Life Coaching session. Tim genuinely assists you from his heart, to help you discover the truth about the real self- lovable you!

— Shirley - Artist, Canada

Apply For A Free 1-on-1 Clarity Call

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about how you're going to achieve your goals, develop your team or create a life you most want to live?


If so, let's have a 30-min clarity call to lay out your challenge, identify what's blocking you, and map out a plan to take you to the next level of greatness.