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You can try to change the world, or you can change yourself and see tangible results.

Which will it be?

Come home to the truth of who you are, and
embody the changes you want to make in the world
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Move over meditation, Breathwork is here! Free yourself from stress and anxiety using proven techniques that have helped thousands of people around the world.


Through SOMA Breath you can:

  • activate your immune system naturally

  • boost your energy levels

  • reset the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system

  • alleviate anxiety, and

  • turn off your stress response

SOMA Breath is a unique type breathwork that engages the body and mind in directed neurogenesis.

You will use the power of your own breath to create transformational change in your life. By combining rhythmic breathing, euphoric music and powerful meta-programming, you can transform your life.


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This intense 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring will help you clear the blocks that are holding you back from creating the life you want to live.

My clients often admit that the only one holding them back is themselves. As your Chief Potential Alchemist I will be your biggest champion, helping you to identify the areas where you need support, create meaningful actions to move past obstacles and remind you to celebrate every step of the way.


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Come on the adventure of a lifetime where you will:

  • Learn how to create raid change in your life through breathwork, mindset shifts and deep connection to self

  • Take time out to relax and restore your mind and body

  • Nourish yourself with food made from exceptional local ingredients

  • Meet new friends and connections to support you on your journey ahead. 

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Coaching vs Therapy

Some of my work may range into areas covered by therapy, however, I do not work with individuals experiencing depression, psychological illness, or active addiction to drugs or alcohol.


The skills and training needed to deal with these issues is different to coaching and I respect the professionals who are best suited to provide these services. If you need assistance in these areas, please contact your GP for a referral.

Do you want to bring your best work into the world?

I help people re-connect to their own intuition so that they can create their greatest work in the world. If you want to create the unimaginable, we should talk.

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Apply For A Free 1-on-1 Clarity Call

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about how you're going to achieve your goals, develop your team or create a life you most want to live?


If so, let's have a 30-min clarity call to lay out your challenge, identify what's blocking you, and map out a plan to take you to the next level of greatness.


Tim's greatest asset is how he effortlessly finds a great balance between personal and professional development, knowing that one without the other is essentially useless.

~ Lewis D. UAE ~

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