It was a
 transformation that I would never have dreamed possible, and with the best guide and mentor anyone could wish to find.




Thrive, Flourish & Prosper in the South of France.

This adventure combines the power of Wealth Dynamics and Desire Mapping to help you identify your natural path to success and create the life you most want to live.


You will:

  • explore and understand the blockers that are holding you back from SUCCESS

  • cultivate GRATITUDE for how your life has unfolded so far and what the future holds

  • learn SIMPLE, yet highly effective ways to make space for presence and self-awareness

  • create a personalised PLAN for a life that feels more in flow through CONSCIOUS GOAL SETTING

  • access the life you DREAM of which feels out of reach right now

  • join a COMMUNITY of like-minded people

  • receive 1:1 COACHING and group coaching support

  • enjoy a day with new FRIENDS in the vineyards

  • be invited to step into BEING who you truly are

  • have a lot of FUN doing it with like minded people in France

  • receive a personalised GIFT bundle and WORKBOOK to take with you.

  • experience SOMA Breath to elevate your life.


A week in Saussignac will help you unlock flow, transform limiting beliefs and align to your greatest purpose. You'll work with proven tools and techniques that have helped thousands of people to live more purposefully and create more wealth in their work and life.


Our adventure will take us to Saussignac in the Dordogne region, deep in the south of France near Bordeaux - known locally as 'La Belle Endormie' or The Sleeping Beauty.

"Our hearts cannot apprehend that they are imaginatively thinking hearts because we have so long been told that the mind thinks and the heart feels and imagination leads us astray from both.​"

James Hillman


In one week you will feel more relaxed, energised and ready to face the world - you can't help but relax in Saussignac.​

The Experience


This 6 day retreat is your chance to:

  • RELAX in beautiful accommodation with comfortable rooms, an expansive garden and swimming pool.

  • UNLOCK more flow using the Wealth Dynamics assessment and debrief.

  • ACCESS your deepest wisdom to identify a singularity of purpose in your life and what you want to create using a Desire Map.

  • STEP beyond your comfort zone and experience your inner reservoirs of power.​

  • SHED the stories that have held you back and replace them with new, life-affirming beliefs that will propel you forward.

  • LEARN daily practices that will help you create the life you want to live.

  • SHARE fearless conversations with people like you to help you connect more deeply and create powerful relationships.

  • IMMERSE yourself in the simplicity of life in one of the most beautiful regions in the south of France.

  • LEARN skills that will help you understand and dissolve your limiting beliefs so you can live a life of purpose.​

  • RELAX by the pool, read in the garden or enjoy a daily yoga class or an art class with resident artist, Mike Rumsby.


In addition to your meals, accommodation and excursions you will get:

  • Pre-Departure 1:1 Coaching (1 Session)
  • A singularity of purpose through your Desire Map

  • A clear plan for creating more flow and ease in your work or your business with Wealth Dynamics

  • A new way to talk about who you really are and what you do

  • Post Adventure 1:1 Coaching (1 Session)

  • Post Adventure Resources

  • A gift bundle to take with you


For those who have never been to France, this will be a beautiful introduction to a region known as 'La Belle Endormie - Sleeping Beauty'.

What others are saying....

I have known Tim for several years and was very happy to have been given the opportunity to have a life coaching session with him. I have been plagued for years with an underlying issue and blockage around my creative passions. I have never had a life coaching session, so I was very open to experiencing this guidance with Tim.


Tim was extremely compassionate, non-judgmental and very professional in his work with me. He introduced new ways of self discovery for me that hit my core so deeply, I was barely able to speak (this happens to me when I am receiving deep healing and truths that I recognize). Through Tim’s wise guidance I am now able to enjoy the process in my work rather than freezing at the thought of imperfection.

Tim genuinely assists you from his heart, to help you discover the truth about the real self- lovable you!

- Shirley Tedder, Canada - 

A Day In The Life

Thrive • Flourish • Prosper

Create Your Future

Our adventure in the Dordogne will reveal our highest mission through group learning, conversation, meditation and community.

Known for its incredible produce, exceptional wines and stunning nature, this part of France is deeply supportive for our work. 

Deep work doesn't always have to be difficult, so our most important ingredient will be fun!

Your retreat begins before you step on the plane and ends long after our time together finishes.

The Full Program:


  • Pre-retreat questionnaire

  • Pre-retreat information and preparation

  • A pre-retreat coaching session to help you set your intentions

Create your dream life:

  • 6 days of in-person facilitation to help you connect deeply and make lasting changes as you create the life you want

  • A full-day excursion to the vineyard

  • Daily opportunities to explore the local area

  • Freedom to be yourself

  • Delicious meals created using fresh local ingredients (check out the photos on this site)

  • Single accommodation in Double Rooms (Double for couples)

  • Morning movement / meditation and optional swim

  • Proven tools to help you gain a deeper understanding of your drivers, motivations

  • 2 reports that will dramatically change how you show up in life and the words you use to create more interest and fascination

  • Time for self-reflection, journaling, massage, relaxation, walks, shopping and exploring

Optional Activities (some may incur extra cost):

  • Massage

  • Art Class

  • Village Markets Visit


  • A PLAN for how to create the life you want that is aligned to your deepest mission in life (created in France).

  • WhatsApp SUPPORT group

  • Post adventure RESOURCES

  • REUNION Zoom call 

  • A post-retreat COACHING session to support your re-integration and help you make lasting changes.

* See registration for included meals

*** To get the most out of this retreat, you will be invited to limit connection to social media, mainstream media, etc. Alcohol will be available for purchase at your own cost and will be served in moderation.

"It is the heart that always sees, before the head can see"

Thomas Carlyle

If you are unsure if this is the right retreat for you, a discovery telephone consultation can be arranged to help you make the best decision for you.

What to expect...

Before seeing Holly, I was insecure about my choices, unsure of where I wanted to go with my life and career, and was extremely scared about taking a stride towards bettering myself. After just one session with Holly, I discovered some real truths about myself and was able to see into my full potential.

She gives you amazing1:1 support and truly cares about how you are doing. After this conversation I felt as though 100lbs had been lifted off of my back. Honestly, it was like I had been wearing this weighted jacket around for my whole life and through this work, Holly empowered me to remove it. Holy LIFE CHANGER!  


The amount of power, clarity, and confidence I feel is beyond measure. Holly has a true gift to allow people to pour from their higher selves and see their true potential. I cannot imagine my life going forward had Holly and I not been connected through some very inspiring and amazing people. 


Holly isn't just a phenomenal person, who loves her "job", but she is an inspiring woman, who can look at every person and see their potential. She brings you into her light, and allows you to start shining your own. 

- USA - 

Explore the Venue

 A Tiny Village  

Far From the Hustle

We will stay in Saussignac with direct access to country lanes and endless expanses of vineyards. It is a perfect location for complete relaxation.

A short 20 minutes by car brings us to St Foy Le Grande or Bergerac where regular markets, sumptuous cafes and restaurants provide ample opportunities for shopping, eating and walks along the Dordogne during 'free time'.

Sun-beds overlooking the pool are perfect for relaxing, tanning and making the most of the sunshine.

Comfortable seating in the garden is perfect for relaxation, reading and chilling out.

Authentic French Rooms

Each room includes either ensuite bathroom (or shared bathroom), high quality linens and typical french decor.


Rooms are clean and comfortable, serviced regularly, including fresh water replenishment.

If you are traveling alone, you will have your own room to relax and retreat.

Expect the unexpected in Saussignac.

What is Wealth Dynamics?

Your Pathway to Flow

Have you noticed how for some people, no matter how much money they get, it just disappears? Whereas for many wealthy people, you can take all their money away and it comes right back again. This is best explained by the "Wealth Paradox", which states:

"The more money you have, the more opportunities you have to lose it."

Without true wealth, all the money that flows through you will disappear. So how do we define wealth? Roger James Hamilton defines wealth like this:

"Wealth isn’t how much money you have. Wealth is what you’re left with if you lose all your money." - Roger Hamilton

Wealth creators do not chase water upstream. Instead, they create a river of flow. There are trillions of dollars flowing around our planet every day, so you don’t need to make money, you simply need to direct it. As Roger says,

"Wealth isn’t about making money. It’s simply about good plumbing." - Roger Hamilton


We each have a natural way to create our river, and this is how the Wealth Dynamics square is formed.

The Wealth Dynamics Square

The Wealth Dynamics Square gives us the relationship between the eight Wealth Profiles. Think of it like an eight-sided mountain, where there are different rivers flowing down each side. Each of us has our own flow, which naturally links our dreams to our reality. 

During our retreat, we will explore your individual pathway to SUCCESS and WEALTH based on your Wealth Dynamics Profile.

What is Desire Mapping?

Create Your Best Life

Return to your heart.
Choose your feelings.
Create your life with intention.


You get to choose how you feel… and shape your reality––it’s the ultimate self agency. Our feelings inform our thoughts. And our thoughts inform our behaviour.

Feel. Perceive. Act. Change your feelings, and you could change everything. That’s the essence of Desire Mapping.

We’ve been trained to measure our value with socialized quantifiables—grades, dollars, things, pounds, “likes”. It’s a crazy-making cycle of proving and divisiveness that’s distracting us from really living life––and from doing the healing work that the world requires.

A return to Love is the only way forward, and so… heart-centered living is a revolution.

Desire Mapping taps your heart-brain. Your heart is your true power center—its sensing, healing, and creative potential is unlimited.


Science is finally backing up the power of the heart––it’s the heart vibration that cues the brain, not the other way around. Your heart can tell the difference between truth and illusion; it can transmute what’s holding us back into progress; it has the wisdom to take everything—and everyone—into consideration.

If you tune into it, the heart will constantly signal you to choose life-affirming feelings––qualities of the heart––generosity, joy, faith, freedom, Love. And when there’s so much of the opposite swirling around, choosing life-affirming feelings is an act of higher consciousness.

The Desire Map is a heart-centered approach to sourcing your true power, clear thinking, and serving with joy.

Your Guides & Coaches

Tim has traveled around the world, and he has a keen intuition for incredible places.

Initially visiting Saussignac for a friend's wedding, he has made an almost annual pilgrimage to keep discovering the many hidden gems, textures and flavours of this great region in France.

Tim is an international speaker on leadership, a yogi and coach who has walked the healer path for more than a decade. His travels have taken him to more than 50 countries, including many of the world's sacred sites. He  has studied natural wisdom and worked with shamans in the mountains and the Amazon in Peru.  


Each year Tim speaks publicly on leadership, personal development and professional development. He captivates his audience through his deep connection to the natural world and passion for connecting heads to hearts for deep transformation.

Tim is certified Flow Consultant for Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics. He is Reiki Level II, a certified Natural Wisdom Leader and works with Diamond Light healing.

Holly is based in the United States and travels frequently for coaching, business and leisure.


Holly is a coach and entrepreneur who has single handedly created a $200K per year biohacking business while raising a family and exploring her deep passion for horses through her rescue charity.

In her coaching, Holly brings enthusiasm, thoughtful honesty and a deep compassion that allows her to meet her clients exactly where they are at. Holly uses a selection of tools that help people to discover the things that ignite their desire and enthusiasm for a life they only dare to dream; and she helps make that possible.

In business, Holly is recognised as a leader with a positive, can do attitude; and for her ability to transform difficult situations with ease and grace.

Holly is a trained Desire Map facilitator.

What others are saying....

"It was to be a journey of healing and transformation that I would never have dreamed possible, and with the best guide and mentor anyone could wish to find.

I don’t let go and trust very easily, but Tim’s empathic and sensitive approach allowed me to be open to receive healing on an extremely deep level.  Tim emits an amazing energy, and through this intuitive and talented healer. I experienced many emotions, visions, and releases of past trauma.

I was given inner work to do for myself through different practices. I had to let go, so that I could move forwards - without Tim this may never have happened."

- Amanda Zayan - 





6 day - Single Room - Ensuite


Review conditions on registration

Airport collection and drop-off.

Please review the Fact Sheet



6 day - Single Room - Ensuite


Review conditions on registration

Airport collection and drop-off.


Please review the Fact Sheet

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