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Understand your challenges and learn how to transform them into divine gifts.


Let The Numbers Guide Your Way

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The Diamond Light Numerology System gives you the insight and tools you need to create permanent change in your emotions, your relationships and your daily life.

Diamond Light Numerology©

The Diamond Light Numerology System©:


  • is amazingly accurate,

  • is an in-depth map for both emotional and spiritual understanding,

  • is direct and easy to apply, and

  • gives you simple tools for lasting inner transformation.

The Numbers help you:


  • understand what makes you tick and how you can transform yourself in remarkable ways,

  • discover the blessings and challenges of your relationships with your loved ones so that you can understand why they are in your life and what the gift is.

Courses are held on a regular basis and include a breathwork meditation to help you shift stuck energy based on the wisdom of your own birthday.

Discover your Soul's Path and Evolve your Life!


‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ -Aristotle

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your patterns

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your gifts and talents

You will learn:

  • your Sacred Equation© based on your own birthday

  • how to unlock your own unique potential and soul purpose,

  • how to transform your own personal challenges in this lifetime.


Advanced channeled information from the Union of Love & Light will focus on how to access your Soul’s unique gifts and share them with the world!

You will also learn from your Sacred Equation© your:

  • Soul’s Shadow Numbers,

  • Original Soul Wound, and

  • Union Number


This will help you activate and illuminate your Soul’s intelligence and powers of manifestation.

Also Includes:

  • Sacred Equation Chart,

  • Soul Activation Meditation, and

  • Transformational Exercises.

It's time to activate your Soul purpose!


This workshop is open to everyone with no prior knowledge of numerology necessary.

Small group virtual workshop sharing the wisdom of Diamond Light Numerology©.

£44 per person

No upcoming events at the moment

Private 1:1 Diamond Light Numerology Session

Use the wisdom of your own numbers to help transform your challenges into gifts.

In this session, you will gain insight into the Power and Purpose of the Emotions.

You will gain understanding and ultimate freedom for your journey.


£99 per session

Heart Tree Numerology

What people are saying...

My integration is remarkable. I let go of my self-doubts.  Since a few days I can really surrender to the Now. I understand a lot of was going on in my life and stopped concerning about my origin family. I understand now better the relation to my son and what I project on him and what my daughter needs. 

It is pretty amazing how everything has its place. Nothing happened by chance. 

I am grateful for having found showing this teachings. 

Yesterday I went to my friends. We spent 3,5 hours analyzing her family. At the end she was also pretty amazed how everything is related to the other. 

Literally WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are a shining star and your glow ever brighter


Amazing!  Deep Deep DEEP


thank you 

Sarah, United Kingdom

Would highly recommend the numerology workshop. I learnt a lot about myself and how to guide others. Tim has great knowledge and intuitive feedback. He holds space well and really cares about the questions you ask. Thanks.

Lexi Dells - Waves of Wellness, U.K.

Learning through Tim is a wonderful experience.


His empathy & support is something that you wouldn't find in too many courses/workshops elsewhere.


He not only shares his vast knowledge, but also his own life experiences which in itself creates a warmth & feeling of belonging. I've done various types inner work with him & through this have been able to deal with many of my own demons, & begin to move forwards in a positive way.


Thank you from my heart