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Give Power & Purpose to Your Emotions

Gain understanding and Ultimate Freedom for our Journey

Let The Numbers Guide Your Way

Diamond Light Numerology©

The Diamond Light Numerology System© was gifted from Divine Sources and is not only amazingly accurate, it is an in depth map for both emotional and spiritual understanding. Direct and easy to apply, you will discover what makes you tick and how you can transform yourself in remarkable ways!

The Diamond Light Numbers are simple, evolutionary and mind blowing tools for self empowerment and lasting inner transformation.

Discover the blessings and challenges of relationships with your loved ones and come to understand through your birthdate why they are in your life and what the gift is.

A comprehensive EBook on the Diamond Light Numbers is available here and Teacher Training Courses are held on a regular basis. 

Discover your Soul's Path and Evolve your Life!


‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ -Aristotle

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your patterns

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your potential

Tim regularly presents the amazing Diamond Light Numerology System© and its Sacred Equation© so you may unlock your own unique potential and soul purpose, while also discovering how to transform your own personal challenges in this lifetime.


This divinely channelled modality has been ‘road tested’ on 100’s of individuals by Diamond Light and we are continually surprised by the truths and powerful healing guidance these numbers reveal.

This compact collection of advanced guidance will be a doorway into the magic and mystery of your Inner Self and will not only compliment any other practice or modality you are involved in, it will also assist you to understand and transform all of your relationships and emotional challenges with others!

Small group virtual workshop sharing the wisdom of Diamond Light Numerology©.

£150 per person

word on the street...

Literally WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are a shining star and your glow ever brighter x amazing x deep deep DEEP thank you 

Sarah L., United Kingdom

Heart Tree Numerology

Private 1:1 Diamond Light Numerology Session

Use the wisdom of your own numbers to help transform your challenges into gifts.

In this session, you will gain insight into the Power and Purpose of the Emotions.

You will gain understanding and ultimate freedom for your journey.


£150 per session

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Supercharge Your Life - Greece
May 29, 2021, 2:00 PM GMT+3
Aegialis Resort & Spa, Amorgos
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