Alchemy of Potential FOR MEN






It was a
transformation that I would never have dreamed possible, and with the best guide and mentor anyone could wish to find.



Dates TBC

Imagine a week of deep exploration in the beautiful Alentejo region where you combine the upbeat vibes and breathwork with a powerfully transformative retreat program led by Tim Snell.


That is the alchemy of potential we will explore.

This is like no other retreat you have experienced. It is a unique combination of rhythmic breathwork, wisdom, adventure and personal development.

Join us on this journey of a lifetime to dive deeply into your true essence, potential and purpose for 7 powerfully insightful days.


Part Retreat  ●  Part Adventure  ●  Total Fun!

The theme for this adventure is Alchemy of Potential. Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools I have used to create positive and lasting results in my life. Activating our energy centres for personal development helps people make rapid changes in their lives by clearing away the patterns that no longer serve.

Taking place at the height of summer, the days will be long and warm. We will breathe together each day and enjoy the stunning surroundings of the South West of Portugal.

Our home for 6 nights is a small resort in the South West of Portugal far from the tourist trail.


We will take stunning hikes, lay by the pool, swim at the beach, gaze at the stars, participate in ritual, morning breathwork and mediation and of course there's a few surprises!

You will:

  • receive deeply healing activations for each of your energy centres that will help you to make transformational change in your life

  • learn the science of SOMA Breath and how you can use breathwork to make lasting changes in your health and your life

  • identify old patterns that are holding you back from living the life you most want

  • get a clear idea of the kind of life you most want to live

  • create an action plan to live your average perfect day

  • discover new ways to connect more deeply to yourself and others and create positive change in your work and your relationships

The afternoons are for free time and relaxation, connecting with nature, spending time alone or amongst the group. In the evenings we will dance, chant, meditate, swim under the stars, share delicious food, and enjoy the company of people from all over the world.

The Alchemy of Potential retreat will take us to Costa Vicentina in Southern Portugal.

"Our hearts cannot apprehend that they are imaginatively thinking hearts because we have so long been told that the mind thinks and the heart feels and imagination leads us astray from both.​"

James Hillman


In one week you will feel more relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the world.​


Get a Fresh Perspective

 Clear Your Blocks

The Experience:

This 6 day retreat is your chance to:

  • Let go of the mask so you can dive into the truth of who you are.

  • Deeply explore yourself through self-inquiry, group work and partner work.

  • Use your deepest wisdom to identify a singularity of purpose in your life and develop more ease.

  • Step beyond your comfort zone and experience your inner reservoirs of power.​

  • Shed the stories that have held you back and reprogram your mind with new, life-affirming beliefs that will propel you forward.

  • Learn daily practices that will help you create the life you want to live.

  • Share fearless conversations with people just like you to help you connect more deeply and create powerful relationships.

  • Immerse yourself in nature on one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean.

  • Learn skills that will help you understand and dissolve your limiting beliefs so you can live a life of purpose.​

  • Relax by the pool, walk on the beach, enjoy daily breathwork.

  • You will leave with a clear plan for creating more flow and ease in your life, and a new way to talk about who you really are.


For those who have never been to Portugal, this will be a beautiful introduction to a stunning part of this wonderful country, the rugged west coast and stunning beaches.

What others are saying....

I have developed greater confidence and awareness of myself under his guidance. I’ve also gained a sense of purpose; he has given me the tools to change my life.

Tim’s approach combines deep personal exploration with action-oriented guidance. He has a broad knowledge of resources and tools from ancient wisdom to the latest in scientific research, which allowed us to tailor each session based on my needs.


During our time together, I was able to openly explore in a safe environment. Rather than dealing with superficial symptoms, Tim uncovers the underlying causes. He demystifies seemingly baffling mental processes, unravelling uncertainty with piercing insight and penetrating intuition. I left every session with calmness, greater clarity and purpose.

- Pantos Y, London - 


Are Your Ready to Transform?

Create Your Future

Our retreat in Portugal will allow you to create more ease through four phases of each day:

  1. Reflection

  2. Adventure

  3. 'Work'

  4. Community

Known for its wild beaches, exceptionally fresh food and stunning nature, the Costa Vicentina region will delight your senses and allow you to truly unwind. 

Deep work is confronting and life affirming but that doesn't mean it can't also be fun!

Your retreat begins before you step on the plane and ends long after our time together finishes.

What To Expect:


  • Pre-retreat questionnaire

  • Pre-retreat information and preparation

  • A pre-retreat coaching session to help you set your intentions


  • 6 days of in-person facilitation to help you connect deeply and make lasting changes as you create the life you want

  • Delicious local meals (Full Board)

  • Accommodation is in shared rooms or private rooms

  • Morning Breathwork Meditation or swim

  • Ancient practices for modern life to help you connect to your emotions, heal old wounds and step into your soul's purpose.


  • Whatsapp support group

  • Post retreat resources

  • Reunion Zoom call 

  • A post-retreat coaching session to support your re-integration and help you make lasting changes.

* See registration for included meals

*** To get the most out of this retreat, you will be invited to limit connection to social media, mainstream media, etc and to limit alcohol consumption.

"It is the heart that always sees, before the head can see"

Thomas Carlyle

If you are unsure if this is the right retreat for you, a discovery telephone consultation can be arranged to help you make the best decision for you.


Is This For You?

 A Stunning Resort  

Remote Country Life

This Retreat is For You if:​

  • You are looking for a chance to press pause on life and deeply explore your life from the perspective of your soul.

  • You're excited to spend a week with like minded people and learn truly transformational tools in a safe, non-judgemental space.

  • You're heart sings at the chance to step outside your comfort zone and dance like nobody is watching under the stars.

  • You feel called to breathe more deeply - getting in touch with your true self, swimming in the sea, exploring a remote island, relaxing by the pool or spa, gazing at the stars, connecting with nature to connect to spirit.

  • You are open and ready to make positive changes in your life, to learn about yourself, to transform and release old patterns, to harness a connection with nature and the community to support you on your journey!

  • You are looking to turn off the distractions like technology, devices, social media, alcohol, substances etc.

  • You expect that weather may be unpredictable, it could be totally stunning, a bit windy or even cloudy, but that doesn't bother you. As a group, it's our choice what we make of the time together. Being flexible and open minded will allow you to have the best time.

This Retreat is NOT For You if:​

  • You are just looking for a holiday.

    This retreat will be deeply rejuvenating and healing but it will require you to step outside your comfort zone. 

    Expect to be challenged physically, emotionally and possibly even spiritually.


  • You're the type of person who complains a lot about schedule changes, the weather etc. 

    You will have everything you need on the retreat, but it is a group experience and it up to each person to make the most of their experience.

    What you get out of the retreat will very much depend on YOU.


  • You're not prepared to make the journey to this incredible island.

  • This retreat is alcohol and substance free.

    Smoking is permitted in designated areas.

    All participants will be strongly encouraged to disconnect from technology for the week. 

Your Guide & Coach

Tim has traveled around the world, and he has a keen intuition for incredible places.

Tim has been exploring the Greek Isles since 2012 and truly believes that Amorgos is a special place. With its highly potent herbs and breathtaking landscapes, the island is a treasure trove of opportunities for exploration and relaxation.

Tim is a speaker on international speaker on leadership, yogi and coach who has walked the healer path for more than a decade. His travels have taken him to more than 50 countries, including many of the world's sacred sites and he has worked with medicine shamans in the mountains and the Amazon in Peru.  


Tim is a licensed breathwork instructor. He speaks at international events on leadership, personal development and professional development. He captivates his audience through his deep connection to natural wisdom and passion for connecting heads to hearts.

Sunset over the Costa Vicentina

What others are saying....

"It was to be a journey of healing and transformation that I would never have dreamed possible, and with the best guide and mentor anyone could wish to find.

I don’t let go and trust very easily, but Tim’s empathic and sensitive approach allowed me to be open to receive healing on an extremely deep level.  Tim emits an amazing energy, and through this intuitive and talented healer. I experienced many emotions, visions, and releases of past trauma.

I was given inner work to do for myself through different practices. I had to let go, so that I could move forwards - without Tim this may never have happened."

- A Z - UK - 



From  €1.100 p.p.


7 day - Twin or Double - Shared Occupancy

4 Bed Studio -- 1.250 Euros per person
Twin Room -- 1.350 Euros per person
Double Room -- 1.500 Euros Single Occupancy
Double Room -- 2.100 Euros Two Sharing
Furnished Bell Tent (Twin) -- 1.100 Euros per person


Review conditions on registration

Port collection and drop-off.



From Faro:

We will most likely organise a shuttle bus from Faro for the group. This will be about 15-30 Euros per person and we will organise it nearer the time.

If you plan to hire a car and are willing to give people a ride then please let me know!

From Lisbon:

You can get a train that lasts just over 2 hours to Saboia. From there you can be collected and driven to Lua Nua which is 30 mins away.


Arrival Day, 7pm - Welcome Ceremony and Dinner

Departure Day, 10am - Closing breathwork session and brunch

Typical Daily schedule (subject to change):

8am - Morning Breathwork Practice

10am - Breakfast

11am - 1pm - Activities

2pm - Lunch

5.30 - Afternoon Breathwork Practice

7.30pm - Dinner

9pm - Evening Group Activities