What’s it like being coached by Tim Snell?

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Holly Couch & Tim Snell in Washington D.C.

I get to work with some awesome people and organisations. Holly Couch and I worked together over a number of months earlier this year. Although our coaching was mostly remote, we were able to meet in Washington D.C. and Lake Tahoe for a retreat.

Holly is a coach and entrepreneur who has single handedly created a $200K per year biohacking business while raising a family and exploring her deep passion for horses through her rescue charity.

In her coaching, Holly brings enthusiasm, thoughtful honesty and a deep compassion that allows her to meet her clients exactly where they are at. Holly uses a selection of tools that help people to discover the things that ignite their desire and enthusiasm for a life they only dare to dream; and she helps make that possible.

In business, Holly is recognised as a leader with a positive, can do attitude; and for her ability to transform difficult situations with ease and grace.

In her own words, Holly describes her experience of working with me.

Check it out for yourself!

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