You Deserve to Invest In Yourself

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

When you hear about retreats, most people think wellness or meditation, but they forget that you can take a retreat for your business and your career. I’ve been to a few and they have accelerated my growth exponentially while being a lot of fun!

If you’ve been following me on social media, then you’ll know that I’m co-creating such an event with Holly Couch in the South of France.

And we both know that time away from your every day to wander amongst the vines and explore a small village in France sounds really good. It may even sound almost too good in a way that makes you feel like you don’t deserve to invest in yourself in this way.

But if you stopped to really think about it, what’s really holding you back from investing in creating more wealth in your life through a deeper understanding of yourself, your natural gifts and what really drives you?

What stops you from connecting with an intimate group of change-makers who will support your new business, life or career?

Whatever the reservations you may have, I wanted to share 5 reasons why these events work:

#1 Purpose matters. Everything we do in Saussignac is designed to connect you to purpose. Purpose is what sustains you, it gets you up in the morning and helps you push through the inertia that arises when things get tough. How would it feel to leave with a deep sense of purpose and motivation to do more and be more of you?

#2 Sharing is invaluable. The entire retreat is designed to help you connect - to yourself and other people. This can be daunting for some, especially when you're an introvert like me (yes, I am!). There are plenty of spaces for you to work alone when you need to as well. Imagine leaving with a new posse, new and lasting friendships that help sustain your momentum.

#3 You can find your flow. Flow is available to all of us, but it requires that we give up some of the distractions that keep us from it. This retreat will encourage you to disconnect from the every day to live in the present moment. New mindsets will help you find flow in your work and whatever you class as wealth.

#4 You will have an action plan for the future. The activities we will engage in will equip you to live your life from a place of purpose and to invite new experiences and new ways of being into your every day. You'll leave with a tangible plan of action and daily practices to help shape your day for more potential.

#5 The experience could change your life. When you take yourself outside the every day and create space to connect deeply to yourself and your purpose, you create space for something wonderful to happen. When you do it with a small group of like-minded people, the power of the group becomes exponential. Each retreat I have ever attended changed me, inspired me and moved me. What could be possible for you?

There may even be a #6 if you like great swag. You see Holly and I met in London and she's insisted on taking care of a few gifts that we're going to leave you with. I might be a recovering workaholic, but I know deep in my heart that whatever Holly has planned is going to be memorable, heartfelt and truly f'ing awesome!

Are you ready to design for more flow?

Your investment includes your meals, accommodation, activities and tuition. We'll even welcome you at the airport or railway in Bergerac or Gardonne.

Learn more here.

We only have a few spaces left.

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