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Updated: Jan 2

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Following on for the deep transition of 2019, 2020 is the year that I truly stepped into the authentic leader of my own life. Having cast off the shackles of a corporate contract, I enjoyed the spaciousness that comes from adopting Jeffrey Davis' Business Artist approach to my work and my life.

I showed up for my best work as an expert in the field of business winning in the field of leadership and used a combination of tools and wisdom to help leaders in this sector create a deeper impact in their work and the work of their teams.

As a coach, I found my place as the Chief Potential Igniter for mission-driven leaders who believe in the power of coaching. I unashamedly used all the tools available to me to help those leaders explore the potential within themselves as a way to shift blocks and ignite the potential in others. In 2020, I discovered ways to combine the work I do as a healer with the work I do in the corporate world. My best work included creating a language and unique identity around this. The outcomes of my best work are reflected in the tributes I receive from clients and the growth I experienced from word of mouth referrals.

During 2020, I was engaged in three distinct pillars of work:

  1. As an associate support to corporate organisations in training, consulting and leadership development. By bringing my own unique elixir to these arenas, I was able to help create change within teams.

  2. As a 1:1 Coach to high achievers, leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to igniting their own potential and the potential of those they work with. I was able to help individuals to create powerful and transformative shifts one conversation at a time.

  3. Delivering immersive event experiences through week-long retreats or leadership weekends with powerful collaborators. This deep work includes a combination of coaching, wisdom and healing at all levels.

2020 was a year for creating new programs that helped me to generate sustainable revenue streams. The process started in 2019 with the Business Winning Leadership Challenge and continued in 2020 when I created a signature program called The Alchemy of Potential - a three path program to help create transformative change on three different levels. The seeds of this program were planted in Portugal 2019 and manifested into a fully fledged program.

Also in 2020, I laid down the foundations for a book - a memoir or sorts that is intended to inspire people to become authentic leaders of their own lives while exploring my own path in the process. At the end of 2019, I had laid down 50% of the timeline and this work continued in 2020 so that there was significant progress in bringing this book into being.

Throughout the year, I engaged with a diverse cross section of my community including:

  • Business winning professionals through my ongoing work as the Deputy Chief Examiner of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals; and as the facilitator of the Business Winning Leadership Challenge;

  • Entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs in my community through coaching and retreats; and

  • Corporate beings through my 1:1 Coaching and Consultancy work.

The big stretch for me in 2020 was to step out of my own shadow and show up as the powerful change-maker that I am. In 2019 I spent too much time playing around the edges and proudly wearing that new coach suit which kept me feeling safe, yet small.

The 3 big goals I reached in 2020 were:

  • Delivering the Business Winning Leadership Challenge and finding an audience for it in the corporate sphere

  • Framing and building the Alchemy of Potential Retreat Experience that combines all of my knowledge and wisdom into three modules in preparation for the retreat in Greece in 2021 -

  • The financial targets that I set for myself.

The challenges I met in 2020 feel like they were an evolution of the challenges I met in 2019. The biggest one was to get out of my own way and to cast off my own shadow that keeps me small and stuck. I relinquished it by standing in my authority as an industry expert, executing my best work and facing whatever fears came up with confidence and determination that doing those things was in service of my mission.

Throughout 2020 I learned how to be more vulnerable and less 'shiny'. In 2019, one of my clients reflected that they were intimidated by how powerful I am; and another said they wanted to see the softer underside. In 2020, I allowed that more and found my own comfort in that vulnerability. If Brené Brown ran the training I want to attend, I was there!

The habit I dropped was drinking alcohol and no-showing for my own meditations.

When I was engaged in my best work in 2020, I felt exhilarated, motivated and free.

PS when you are ready, here are 4 ways that I can help you #ignitepotential:

• Leadership Coach / Personal Coach

• Business Winning Consultant

• Sales Team Transformation

• Authentic Leadership & Business Igniter Retreats

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