Impossible or I’m Possible?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I’ve been avoiding writing this post for a while now...

In part this is because I’ve been busy coaching clients, doing a branding course, working with a new community, finishing an innovation sprint, preparing for a workshop, taking on new responsibilities and letting go of old ones. It’s also in part because a small part of me doesn’t want to believe that the miraculous has actually happened.

If you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll recall that I set off on the adventure of a lifetime to understand my deafness and whether it is possible to restore my hearing.

At the time I wrote those posts I knew that something inside of me had fundamentally shifted, but I hadn’t thought to see an Audiologist to see if there had been a change in my hearing. I was afraid it was my imagination. What if nothing had changed?

That question has been definitively answered and below are two audiograms taken 8 years apart. On the left is an audiogram when my left ear was suffering sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL). My right ear in 2011 was unaffected. I experienced these SSHL episodes when I was highly stressed and not paying attention to my wellbeing - overworking and essentially heading to burn-out. It happens once in Australia and at least twice in Dubai. In short I had these events when I wasn’t listening. That’s my explanation - the Drs at the best hospitals with their MRIs and Cat Scans had none.

Earlier audiograms exist in files buried away amongst other papers in Australia and those audiograms show the same thing in terms of the blue lines (left ear hearing).

I know this because as I moved country from Australia to Dubai the Dr always said the same thing - no change in your right ear from an earlier SSHL event in 2009.

In 2019 I confirmed what I had started to suspect - there has been a change. I’m not sure when it changed and if it will continue. You can see the difference between the blue line (bottom) and blue marks (above) on the audiograms taken 8 years apart.

In some frequencies there has been a 20 decibel improvement in either my hearing or in the bone conduction.

The bone conduction is interesting because I have been having craniosacral therapy for a number of years and I know that my occipital ridge (back of the skull) has been realigned through this treatment. During different healing treatments, esoteric ceremonies and experiences I have had various feelings and sensations in my left ear that have never occurred before. Something has definitely shifted!

The fact there has been any change at all is nothing short of a miracle. It has always been described as impossible. I would love for this improvement to continue and I’d be willing to explore work with anyone who thinks they can help.

Right now though, people ask what an increase like this means day-to-day?

It’s a tiny change but if I’m touching my right ear I have some sense of it - I can hear my finger touching my ear. Previously there was no sensation at all. In fact it was as if that part of my head wasn‘t connected to the rest of me.

It means that a side of my head that always felt ignored, shunned and rejected actually feels like it is part of the rest of me as a whole person.

Finally, it means that I can finally let it go because irrespective of how much has changed, the simple fact there has been any change at all has shown me that miracles are truly possible.

With this in mind I have the courage to make the impossible possible in other parts of my life and to sit with the wholehearted belief that I’M POSSIBLE.

Perfect grounding for a guy who’s on the path to being a coach and helping people create their own impossible dream!

Post any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them. If you know anyone who might want to explore this further, connect us.

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