Loving the Quest 2020

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Love will be a big theme of 2020, and it will start with loving kindness to myself. I say this not to be selfish, rather it is from a recognition that the transition from a career to an entrepreneur will force a change in my relationship to myself and I will need to be more gentle, more loving and more kind to myself - I will make mistakes, it won't be perfect and I'll need to give myself a break.

As I step beyond myself to imagine a community that I would like to create memorable or delightful moments for, there are two communities that come to mind:

  • The clients that are coming to my retreat events this year; and

  • My community of business winning colleagues.

Retreat & event participants this year

A ally, Holly Couch and I are co-creating a retreat to help people to create more flow in their lives based on two powerful methodologies. We are both committed to helping this small community of people to have an exponential experience. This event in June 2020 is a perfect opportunity to surprise and delight and help bring this community together even more closely and both Holly and I know that when everything else is forgotten, people will always remember how they felt during these 6 days.

Some of the things we are talking about doing to bring our community together with surprise and delight include:

  • Providing cards for love letters - short notes of gratitude that participants can share with each other,

  • A hand-made and personalised gift bespoke to each person,

  • A welcome letter that includes the names of at least 2 other people we feel that this participant should connect with to help ease the awkwardness of a new group.

Our community will meet in Saussignac in France and they are coming together from a desire to work with other like-minded people on taking their business or career to the next level.

The pain that Holly and I are working to salve is a deep knowing within them that something isn't working right now - either there is an opportunity for more growth, more connection to self and they have a deep desire to be connected to how they want to feel in their life.

Business Winning Colleagues

The business winning community in my region comes together in two places - Europe in March and in the UK in October. There is also a US event in May that I attend. I try to present every two years and give the audience something fresh and new that they haven't seen before.

Since the community is coming together already, I'd like to create something that will help surprise and delight the participants.

It could be useful quotes or nuggets of wisdom left on the seats at the start of some events or in envelopes that say "Open Me" at the social events often held throughout the conference. I could offer these people free access to a specially made webinar that is relevant and interesting to this audience and just see what happens - maybe nothing, maybe something, but it could help unite people around a common topic and add another dimension to participating at this event.

I'm curious to see what I could create if I pushed myself and used my time and resources creatively.

I love the wonder talks and intend to use this with openness and curiosity at the events that I go to. I have been practicing listening more and more as I immerse myself in coaching and it has helped to develop a different type of relationship. The rings of impact meditation will fit into an existing meditation practice that I use and I shall commit to doing this more frequently.

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