My Quest: Envisioning the Best 2019

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

As we close out 2018 and our thoughts turn towards Christmas and 2019, I’m about to embark on a 31 day visioning journey, a virtual quest into what I hope 2019 will bring for me.

I make no apology for sharing these 31 days with you. Feel free to mute or unfollow me. if any part of this inspires you to Quest for your best 2019, you’re in good company.

In the shamanic way, I know intuitively that winter is the time to let these ideas gestate. Spring is the ideal time to take concrete action as the earth awakens, the soil softens and the sap begins to rise. Until then, I shall start to build the foundations, clear the obstacles and work in other ways to create a powerful 2019.

Here’s the framework from Tracking Wonder that I will be using for envisioning #Quest2019 from the rearview mirror:

How have you shown up for your best work? What kinds of distinct activities have you been engaged in?

I showed up authentically each day in mind, body and spirit. This means that I was in touch with my feelings and responded to situations rather than reacted to them.

My work shifted from a focus of ‘what can I get out of this?’ towards ‘how can I serve?’ This means my leadership style changed from that of transactional leader to transformational leader. I eliminated activities in my zone of incompetence and shifted from where I am excellent into where I am genius. This meant I shifted into the role of changemaker at an individual and a corporate level through coaching, training and leading.

Each day I worked towards eliminating negative thinking through the process of ‘letting go’. I committed to letting go of trying to change the past, worrying about the future and trying to contr other people or their actions.

Each day I channelled my energy into positive actions I can take now.

I made a home for creativity and committed to expressing my true creativity and enjoying it.

The key activities that I was engaged in day-to-day were:

  • Client creation - I spent time researching people, developing relationships and setting the ground work for a strong network of clients.

  • Coaching - I gradually increased the number of people I was coaching.

  • Reading and self-development - I continued my own knowledge journey.

  • Assessing candidates for the industry association and cultivating relationships.

  • Set up my own back-office systems and processes for a successful practice.

  • Planned powerful activities for my soul-ventures and mens group.

The genius spiral from Gay Hendrinks is a tool I used to mark progress.

Applying lessons from great coaches

What have you been making or creating as part of your best work?

In 2019, I developed the first phase of my coaching and transformation practice. I started the client creation process and although there were setbacks, I didn’t give up, remained optimistic and built a solid foundation for future years. I got very clear on what I am offering and to whom.

I was confirmed as Chief Examiner for the industry association and used this opportunity to streamline some of the administrative functions. The stream of work enabled me to determine a date for cutting back my full-time work. I set a date for this.

Being strong not silent and helping men connect to themselves

I started a men’s group to help men connect to themselves and to reclaim their emotions and their way of being masculine in today’s society. The ultimate Goal of this work is to help men feel better about their place in society and to shift mindsets. Through this work I made a big leap from ‘me to we’ in the service of others and through others.

I used my network to create co-collaborations that provided powerful learning and growth interventions for my clients and those I work with.

I developed a powerful program for soul-ventures and planned the timing for the first retreat.

Who have you engaged and how has your work positively impacted them?

I engaged a group of powerfully switched on men who were committed to being better versions of themselves. Through our group work they were able to achieve more in their work, their relationships and experience deeper satisfaction with themselves.

Simultaneously I engaged with people committed to creating their own best year. Through coaching them they were able to develop ways to improve their business, their work and themselves. These people were young professionals, high performers and those at a transition point in thier lives.

I engaged with my Extraordinary Life coaching group and showed up transparent, vulnerable and open to learning new things.

My team and company benefitted from my work through my change in focus and behaviour.

What have you done differently that has stretched you?

Throughout the year I spent more time networking and focus on on building relationships with people. This meant I became better at asking questions and spent less time talking about myself.

I also spent more time putting myself out there, being authentic and vulnerable in dealing with events as they come up. I worked with others in my communities instead of doing everything myself.

I listened more and talked less and rather than multi-tasking and running from one thing to the next, I slowed right down.

What 1, 2, or 3 big goals have you reached?   

I engaged 5 clients into my practice.

I planned a soul-venture.

I created a sustainable men’s group (i.e beyond 13 weeks)

In the process, what challenge has your best self met and how?

When things didn’t go to plan I stuck with it and rather than giving up I worked with my community to look for alternative solutions and support. I overcame my small-self tendency to shut down and retreat by expanding and remaining fearless in pursuit of my goals.

What skill set or craft did you learn or improve upon?

I learned how to be a better coach by refining my listening skills and improving my questioning skills. I learned different ways of engaging with people without getting emotionally invested in the outcomes.

I developed a much greater capacity for empathy and honed my bullshit detector to help me help my clients and the people I worked with to dig deeper.

I continued self study, in particular around relationship development and change management.

What 1 habit did you add, adjust, or drop?

Rather than thinking what if... negative, I adjusted my thinking to what if... positive.

I stopped using activities like reading the news, surfing social media and watching tv as excuses for not meditating.

And overall, how have you felt throughout the year when you’re engaged with your best work.

I felt like it wasn’t work at all. Although there were challenges, they served to teach me how to engage more fully in what I was doing. They were good problems to have/solve.

#WeQuest #BestYear

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