Quest 2019: Creation for Healing

In this week’s challenge, Questers are encouraged to consider three deep questions, provoke pause and fill our pockets. Let’s dive in with the third question:

How will creating it help me mend some of my own soul wounds?

In creating this, I am fulfilling a deep need to be of service to others. Without wanting to stray too far into the woo-woo, I have studied astrology and my north node journey is from Aries to Libra, from ‘me to we’ - a journey from service to self, towards service to others. As many Saints have shown us, there is no greater calling than to be of service.

My specific soul wounds are inadequacy and betrayal. Being deaf in one ear and being gay in this society it is very easy to see how the wound of inadequacy plays out. Betrayal has been more tricky and I have seen it where I have betrayed others, where others have betrayed me and how I can be triggered easily by the feeling this wound carries.

So how does this work mend those wounds?

Soul wounds are lessons to guide our path through life and I feel they are to be transcended.

As a coach, mentor and trainer the transfer of wisdom helps me to connect in a real and visceral way with people, who themselves are working on areas where they feel inadequate, or need support to work through issues or knowledge gaps.

This connection to others reminds me that we’re all in this together. I’m no more or less inadequate than anyone else. I have gifts as do each and every one of us. In sharing my gifts, I am enough. In fact I am more than enough because it is my gifts that are helping others to reach their potential. In this way, a magic symbiosis occurs where we both reach our best versions of ourselves - me in the giving of my gifts and others through the receiving.

Betrayal is more tricky. I’ve noticed that betrayal comes up as a feeling and emotion now. There is always a potential for people to betray you and I have dealt with very large lessons in betrayal. This year we faced down the threat of losing 10% of our living space, several thousand pounds/dollars in reconstruction costs and disruption because we were betrayed when we purchased our first home. I was ALWAYS afraid of being ripped off in a home purchase or being betrayed, and I was. Nice lesson in manifestation!

What I learned though, was that through the 18 months of uncertainty the choice was to be happy any way. We lost 18 months of potential happiness through fear and anxiety. It affected everything. We could have just been happy come what may.

In this work, there will be times when betrayal might happen. Those who betray you, betray themselves even more, and that, my friends is largely beyond your control.

So in summary, this work helps to mend my soul wounds by helping me to transcend my wound of inadequacy by sharing my gifts and reminding me that if betrayal happens I always have the choice about how to respond to it.

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