Quest 2019: Ripples of Love

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The final week of Quest 2019 is upon us with a beautiful #TodayTuesday instigation inspiring LOVE.

Jeffrey has set this up with exploratory discussions around dealing with love’s difficulties and creating moments of wonder and surprise.

As always with #TodayTuesday we’re invited to try different techniques to explore our theme. This week, I’ve worked with two so far and I may yet try the third later on. Jeffrey has called us to:

  • test out a loving-kindness meditation

  • test out a Wonder Talk

  • test out designing for delight & surprise

Loving Kindness Meditation

This 5 minute meditation helps us to create ripples of love from self to loved one, to colleague/friend, to stranger, and finally to the community. It works by bringing the presence of each into our heart space one-by-one, welcoming them with love and blessing them.

Doing this in in the morning adds another way to welcome the morning in a delightfully connected way, adding another layer to the existing bookend of daily devotion.

My experience left me feeling compassion and love towards my fellow humans, allowing me to gently melt into a space of loving kindness and gratitude before contemplating my daily devotion and moving gracefully into my day.

When we stop to send love to ourselves and then ripple that out to others we create a wave of love that cannot but have an impact on the world. HeartMath teaches us that our heart has an electromagnetic field spanning 3 feet outside our body. Filling that with love and kindness helps to ripple that feeling to all those we come into contact with. Imagine if the world started its day like this, how much more love there would be in the world?

Creating Wonder Through Talking

My second experiment this week was to have a ‘Wonder Talk’ with someone where I asked a question and waited for the reply while focusing my conscious mind on my feet.

I tried this with a relative stranger I met on the beach. Over a few days we had struck up a holiday friendship where there was sufficient familiarity to ask questions that could go deep.

My question: What would your perfect day look like?

This was slightly lost in translation and day was misunderstood for ‘date’. In the end we talked about both.

Such was the depth of the exploration that my new my new friend and I spoke for a couple of hours about life, love and relationships. Completely unexpected, honest in the way that people you meet on holidays tend to be more open because perhaps you’ll never seem them again and the usual guard is down. It reminded me a lot of coaching and I found myself sitting on the fence between new friend and coach.

The next day when I saw my new friend again, he looked tired and a bit dishevelled. Our Wonder Talk had kept him thinking into the early hours, questioning things he had neatly tucked away but which had obviously been hibernating just below the surface waiting for some light. He was okay, just a little more contemplative and grateful for someone to listen.

How often do we take for granted the gift of listening, true listening where we don’t wait for a gap to speak?

The Wonder Talk reminded me how powerful this is as a quality, and how good it feels to be listened to in return. My own coach has given me a technique to help me acknowledge feedback and it requires both listening and repeating back what has been said. It is a powerful tool for rewiring those who dismiss feedback, and it works; leaving me feeling filled with loving kindness for myself and for the speaker.

So, my readers this experiment in Love has been a wonderful way to explore the shakti energy of South India. Tomorrow I prepare to return to London where I hope to create a moment of surprise and delight.

How will you send ripples of love, create wonder and surprise and delight in 2019?

To learn more about Quest 2019, visit or the FB Group:

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