Quest 2019: The Personal Story

In this week’s challenge, Questers are encouraged to consider three deep questions, provoke pause and fill our pockets. Let’s dive in with the second question:

What personal story connects you to the heart of your creation?

I grew up in suburban Melbourne, Australia. To my knowledge I became deaf in my left ear at around the age of 4, but maybe I was always deaf. We will never really know. This imbued me with a sense of dis-ability and a need to be better to make up for what was lacking.

At school I was the ‘good boy’ - the teachers dream, my own nightmare. Being good meant being teased and bullied, but it also meant getting good grades, privileges and love through approval. It still didn’t take away this feeling of being incomplete. Pile in realising you‘re gay around the age of 16 and it’s one helluva combination of challenges.

From a relatively early age I was a good listener and a good talker. People would always come to me for advice.... about almost anything. So this desire to help is deeply connected to part of who I have always been. I have helped the cool kids and the not so cool kids when they needed it. I listened endlessly to my female friends as they grappled with boys and schisms in friendships. I have counselled and supported employees and partners through all manner of issues, helping to navigate the choppy waters of corporate life, or helping them reach higher levels of success. I have always been that person people think will have the answer.

This desire to now step beyond what I’ve been doing for 20 years comes from transcending my own story of limitation, adversity, pain and loss.

I know what it’s like to ‘come out’ and I’m still surprised that coming out never stops, even now 24 years later - it just gets easier. I’ve lived with the pain of a broken heart - more than once. I‘ve ‘partied’ when that was a thing, and I understand how that too can be a trap for people. I’ve tried formal therapy and so many different healing techniques, whether through treatment or self-practice, so I have experience of how that helps. I’ve started businesses and failed spectacularly, but I learned more than my MBA ever taught me. For my 30th birthday I created an immersive weekend experience of the Amazing Race car rally for 48 people which is still talked about 10 years later. And I’ve travelled to the ends of the earth in search of healing (and mystical experiences). I’ve by no means seen it all and done it all, but I’ve seen and done enough to understand how my gifts can help others.

Behind all of this has been a deep drive to 'know thyself', to find clarity amidst the confusion, and to do what many only dare to dream.

I have lived life all-out so that I can share that wisdom and experience as I help others to find their purpose and craft their incredible life.

That‘s how my personal story connects to heart of what I am creating. Living full out, win, lose or draw.

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