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This week's second instigation is digging a little deeper into what we want to create for 2019. There are two parts - firstly focusing on the types of people we will be working with and how we approach our work differently. Secondly it focuses on how to step out of the habitual zone for the year and open up new ways of thinking and being. No easy feat!

Becoming a Catalyst for Others

Initially I felt that there were different categories of people that will benefit from my genius, but when I look beyond what these people do into what they want, it becomes clearer that what they want is similar. The people who will most benefit want:

  • A deeper connection to themselves and others

  • Exponential improvements in performance (whether at work as an employee or in their business)

  • More 'heart' and 'soul' in their life

  • Support and guidance to be their best and/or create their best .... [business, job, project]

  • A network of people they can share their experience with

In short, they will want personal and/or professional transformation.

There are some who will want to step further outside their comfort zone and want to come on a retreat to experience a more intense and deeper connection to change.

I am a specialist in the business develop and proposal management sector, so there will be people from this industry who will come to me. They will want my to access my experience of what works, what doesn't. They will want an exchange of ideas.

Entrepreneurs in this sector tend to work alone as business owners and find that element quite lonely without a support network upon which to draw. The industry association does not offer 'business coaching' support or 'personal development' in a defined way. Rather, it focuses on the technical excellence.

I am also a healer and I walk the shamanic path. People will be drawn to me who are seeking some sort of healing, which is at the core of why they are seeking the change outlined above.

Stepping Out of Old Habits

To step out of old habits and to expand my ideas, I would like to seriously pursue language learning. The reason is because it creates new pathways in the brain and forces you to think differently. I am acutely aware that this takes a long time and could distract me from my goal, so it may not be complementary.

The habit and challenge for me to work on in 2019 is the propensity to withdraw if I am overwhelmed. In the type of work I am creating, this is counterproductive. To get out of that habit, I need to do the opposite and step out more. One way I can do that is to attend more networking events with or without my partner as a way to hone the skill of connecting with people. This is both complementary to my goals and will force a change in the way I think and work - it will force me to live my truth.

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