Quest 2019: Why Are You Creating?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Quest 2019 shifts up a gear just as Christmas and holiday preparations reach their crescendo. In this week’s challenge, Questers are encouraged to consider three deep questions, provoke pause and fill our pockets. Let’s dive in with the first question.

Why am I creating what I’m creating?

Creating a coaching practice never occurred to me before this year or even until a few months ago, yet it has been deeply encoded in my psyche, laying dormant until just the right time.

I know this because I wrote it in my journal when I was in the high mountains of Peru, working with the energies there to explore my future path. At that point, I wrote:

• coaching

• training

• men’s retreats

The time in Peru was so intense I put that journal away and paid no attention to it until I hired my own coach to help my find my purpose.

So Why?

This type of work is the work I enjoy. It is my zone of genius. My zone of excellence is the work I have been doing for 20 years in winning business for others. My zone of genius is transforming businesses and people and I have seen that when I have extended beyond my core work into coaching training at work. I have also seen it in the coaching I have done for others.

Creating retreat experiences sits at the intersection of my passion to help people and my passion for travel. I have the places for retreats, I am developing the structure and framework and ways to create retreat participants. It also incorporates my gifts as a healer.

The ultimate answer is to this question though, is to be me and to be deeply happy. That’s the why. There doesn’t need to be any other reason because all those who have come before me have delivered the same message, either in old age or from their death bed: be yourself, be happy, there is no other purpose.

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