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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

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When you're designing for more surprise and purpose in your life, the simple techniques I learned this week were not new, but a gentle reminder of what I've been missing this year. For many of us, we probably sleep late, get shocked out of our sleep by our alarms (which also happen to be our phones) and then proceed to scroll through the notifications that have come in overnight... that's how it has been for me.

It's not healthy. There's no other way to say it.

The 'old days' seemed simple because in many respects they were. Can you remember when you would wake up naturally at just the right time every morning? I still do wake up before my alarm most days, that's for sure. Do you also remember when you could get out of bed and start your day in peace, without flipping between 4-5 apps on your phone? It seems like a lifetime ago.

For a few mornings this week, I started with my daily devotion as I sat in front of my mesa. When my mind had settled, I allowed this question to float around in my consciousness:

Today I am devoted to....

Answers for this week were:

  • Love

  • Authenticity

  • Excellence

It was a nice way to position my day. When things weren't going so well at the office, I returned to my daily devotion and contemplated how I could bring more of that quality to the situation.

On my way to and from work, I walked more slowly and purposefully knowing that my days this week wouldn't allow me the chance to get outside too much. I photographed some of the beautiful things around me as I walked. Since it's winter in London and it's dark on my way to and from the office, it was the lights of the city that I found the most beautiful. I walked even slower, stopped and appreciated the magic. How creative are we to create such beauty in our cities. Why just at Christmas I wondered?

In the evenings, I returned to reflect on a moment to savour, a highlight if you will, to remind me of the good things that are so often overshadowed by the grind of day-to-day office life.

These were my highlights this week:

  • "I love you" words from my coach as we finished our call

  • the taste of lip balm after my husband kissed me goodbye before departing on a work trip

  • "Thank you, I now understand how this all works" and "good session today" after I delivered a full day of training to my colleagues

  • seeing the Christmas lights in the city on my way home.

Slide through for this week's slow walk memories and highlights.

This very simple method has been a powerful way for tracking wonder each and every day. My daily devotions have been inspirations from my subconscious, reminding me of why I am creating something new and gently encouraging me to embody, to be, the change I want to create.

Walking slowly has literally s-lo-w-e-d me down and allowed me to connect with what's around me.

Reflecting on my day, looking for that moment to savour, has reminded me that there is always something to be grateful for, something beautiful that touches us if we would just stop and notice it, in the moment.

This is easy to do for yourself as well. For a more formal and planned version, consider the "Best Self" Journal (referral link).

My Commitment - #WeQuest #FutureFridayLIVE

As I quest for my goals, I am committing to a regular practice of meditation and reflection.

This practice is not new for me, I did it for a while using the "Best Self" journal (referral link) but lost the habit somewhere along the way. I also did it during Natural Wisdom Leaders to record my dreams.

Because I have a goal that I didn't have before and because I am committed to living my dreams - I have at least 465 months to make an impact. Not that anyone's counting!

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