Step Into Your Day With a Powerful Morning Routine

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It's time to try something new. I'm not sure about you... but these past few weeks have felt like a real mission. Every now and then we all need someone to just sit and listen.

I haven't felt anxious or scared or bothered by the virus. I've just felt exhausted and tired and a need to be silent. This exhaustion feels ancient and deep, right down in my bones; it's finally catching up with me and saying STOP, slow down, your body needs rest - stay at home!

Out in the forest, my body showed me it needs nature, perhaps even more than it needs self-nurture. The call of the wild grows stronger each week. But I live in the city, so it's time turn over a new leaf. A fresh approach to my own self love and care. Something I can do in the time I have spare.

My morning routine looks a bit like SOMA Breath, but I've added some more pranayama and an ancient movement practice to keep me limber, cleansed and flexible. Best of all, it doesn't take long at all!

What's your morning routine?

Would you like to learn how to do mine?

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