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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Our world is facing unprecedented disruption and many are confined to homes as we face a new work paradigm.

To help support my clients during this time, I have started 3 initiatives that I hope you will take advantage of over the coming weeks.

While many of you know me from my business context, I am also a trained yogi, breathwork instructor and healer.

  1. Free Online Morning Breathwork Meditation - Mondays & Thursdays at 7am - 8am This unique meditation combines rhythmic breathing and euphoric music to help elevate your mood, boost your immunity and pause the stress response in your body. Attendees have left feeling more energised and ready to face their day.

  2. Free 30 Minute Grounding Sessions This is to support anyone who needs it right now to support those who are suffering from fear and anxiety or stress. If you need support to return to a place of calm, I will help you do that. No strings attached. Just drop a reply and I'll get you into the calendar.

  3. Bid Support Helpdesk - book a time or email/call me Remote work isn't easy for everyone and it can feel very isolating. For anyone who needs to talk through a bid or proposal issue, whether it's a question on strategy or a question about questions, I am making time available to help you.

Take care and I look forward to supporting you through this challenging time.


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