Turning a Perceived Weakness Into a Super-Power with Wealth Dynamics

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

When I work with clients, I ask them if they'd like to receive a Wealth Dynamics (business owner) or Talent Dynamics (employee) Report and Debrief. Like any of these assessments, they provide part of the picture, and aren't a one-stop-shop of answers; but they provide insight and help people to contextualise their experience of the world.

The power of a single insight in these debriefs has been astounding.

What follows is an account of how one of my clients was finally able to unlock how her perceived lack of focus was the mask for a super-power she was barely aware of. That insight helped her create a huge change in her business almost immediately.

When Holly started working with me, she wanted to understand more about her experience of losing focus on certain things. Ever since she was a child, she had struggled to concentrate for long periods of time, particularly on tasks that involved a lot of detail. Combing through spreadsheets or getting mired in the the intricate details of things would have her yawning and distracted.

What she knew was that she learned differently; and despite the challenges she experienced in her schooling, she maintained an enthusiasm for people and supporting others. She was so gifted with people, in one of her jobs she was the one people turned to when they needed help with upset customers.

When we dived into her Wealth Dynamics Profile, we discovered that Holly's primary wealth frequency is in Blaze energy.

Blaze is the part of the profile that is primarily about people - it's the summer energy and Holly is one of those people who makes those around her feel warm and cared for.

Conversely though, Holly had only 4% Steel energy, and Steel is primarily about data and details. It was no-wonder that Holly experienced difficulties in the areas that her schooling traditionally focused on as indicators for success - academic achievement.

Luckily they were wrong about we now value as an indicators of success!

Holly's true super-power is her ability to support others to make a big impact in the world.

Her combination of Blaze (people), Dynamo (creativity), and Tempo (timing), means that although she is primarily Blaze, she can tap strongly into Dynamo to create solutions to problems and then magnify them through her extroversion. She can also tap into her strong Tempo energy and magnify a solution at just the right time. If you follow Holly on social media as I do, I'm always amazed at her creativity - it just comes naturally to her.

When Holly reflected on her profile results and our debrief, she was able to have a huge compassion for her journey so far. She was also able to consciously let go of the need to invest time in the things that were actually depleting her energy and holding her back by 'outsourcing' those tasks.

Several months later, Holly shared that the Wealth Dynamics profile debrief had allowed her to feel more confident doing exactly what she loved, and to invest her time doing what really lights her up - connecting people with each other, sharing her message through various online channels and networking events, and supporting her team to be the best they can be.

As a result of these subtle but fundamental shifts, Holly's business has taken off and she is now traveling between the US and Europe as her business continues to grow.

What could a Wealth Dynamics Profile debrief unlock for you?

Right now I'm offering Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics Assessments + a 45 min Debrief for £97 - normally £190.

If you book before 24th January, I'll add in 3 other assessments to help you discover your Passion, Purpose and Level of Impact + you'll receive a pass to attend a Business Growth Workshop in London on 13th February.

To book, simply email me with the subject IMPACT.

Holly's bio really tells her story and you can learn more about Holly at www.hollycouch.com.

Most people know me as the passionate and big hearted entrepreneur who built a $200,000 / year biohacking business from nothing. In the corporate world I was recognised and promoted because of my ability to diffuse difficult situations and create powerful and impactful relationships that supported better outcomes for individuals and the company.

When I work with people in my organisation, I help them reconnect to a childlike level of excitement that many of them have forgotten. At times when my team and clients are stuck or cannot see their own potential, I support them with thoughtful, clear and direct feedback to help them become more self-aware and connected to the abundance of choices they have. I am extraordinarily good at meeting people where they are at, igniting their passion with new ideas and bringing an effervescent energy to everything we do together.

My story is deeper than this, because throughout my life I’ve experienced life from a place of not feeling confident in myself and my abilities. In school I was identified as learning differently to the rest of my peers but I never let it crush my excitement for life and my enthusiasm for working with and supporting others.

When I started my business, I lacked confidence in my own ability to create something new but I grew a business to a point that less than five percent of people reach. I have been deeply afraid to be recognised and truly ‘seen’ by a larger audience through a fear of looking stupid or disappointing people. I have been able to build my business by transforming my own beliefs about what’s possible, cultivating deep self-compassion for my own journey and transform myself into the person I needed to become to create this level of success.

When I coach, I bring all of my enthusiasm, thoughtful honesty and compassion so that people experience the very essence of who they are through our conversations. My commitment to success transcends the financial and extends to my son, my husband and my community where I rescue horses through a registered charity.

But there’s a dark side to these gifts. My selfless enthusiasm for others and their success means that there are times when people end up on a pedestal, leaving me little time and energy to reflect on my own creations. My ability to hold so much compassion for others can leave me feeling exhausted with very little consideration for myself and my own journey. I know what it’s like to feel weak and powerless because I have come from that place in my work and in my childhood, constantly comparing myself to others because they seemed ’smarter’ than me.

Deep down, I’m constantly driven by this desire to show up as authentically as possible all of the time; and it can be overwhelming because I feel everything. Hiding under that, a secret that drives me is the sense that sensitive, passionate people don’t create extraordinarily successful businesses, and I’ll be found out - irrespective of I the abundance I have already built in my business. Sometimes that means I hold myself back from taking the next big step.

I’m an entrepreneur and I work with clients just like that. Most people think that those who show up in the world as passionate, enthusiastic and compassionate must have an extraordinary life with so much space for others. The truth is that they can appear that way and have so much more going on at their core. I’ve held myself back, despite my achievements, by a deep fear of humiliation and not been taken seriously for my ideas, or my fear of disappointing others by trying.

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