My Client Was Always In The Right Place But Sometimes Found Himself Focusing On The Wrong Things

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Towards the end of last year I offered to debrief a friend on his Wealth Dynamics profile. He had received the report, and he was curious about what it all meant.

As you can see, Aaron is primarily a Supporter profile and these people sit firmly in the Blaze energy. Blaze is the summer energy and Aaron is definitely a warm and summery guy. He's amiable, chatty and always has great stories, he's pure Blaze; but this also means that his learning style is auditory and reading long reports isn't really his jam.

Aaron was curious to know how his journey had unfolded so far. Aaron is a Coach who always finds himself in the right place at the right time for things to happen, and this has been a recurring theme throughout his life.

When we explored his profile, Aaron was surprised by just how strong his Blaze (people-based) energy was, and even more surprised to learn that he had 0% Steel (data-based) energy. Aaron had spent a lot of time and energy focusing on work that was predominantly creative, mechanical and data-based; and it was depleting him. He found it difficult to get started on things by himself, but when he was with people and bouncing ideas, he was flying. We can see this in his relatively low Dynamo but very high Blaze profile. He couldn't get his momentum up in the mechanics of how things work or dealing with high levels of data and detail; and the more he focused his efforts in these areas, the worse he felt.

I shared with Aaron that for him to create more wealth and flow, being part of a franchise arrangement where he was linked to a founder would be perfect for him because he has such an incredible network of people and that's where his value lies - in packaging his network and relationships. As a supporter, with a good dose of Tempo energy, he's able to bring people to an opportunity at just the right time. Remarkably, Aaron shared that he was previously part of a franchise, but it was getting involved in those those mechanical and data-type aspects at the time that weighed him down. He also shared that if he was less focused on those things and more focused on the people, he would have been a lot happier.

Perhaps his deepest insight was that he had always thought the 'people stuff' was too easy, and so he didn't pay as much attention to it. In reality, the stuff that felt 'too easy' was what puts him in flow and by focusing on that, he would create a pathway towards more wealth and flow in his life.

By letting go of the need to spend time on data, Aaron would be able to find other people to help in those areas while he takes care of the rest.

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