Would you like to be part of a transformative and supportive online community?

This is a special invitation for you to be a part of our exclusive FaceBook Group - Alchemy of Potential - where you will receive advanced information and practical tools for your personal development and be linked with like-minded and supportive people.

Join your guide and wayshower Tim Snell as he offers you exceptional weekly and monthly events. I have learned from leading breathwork instructors at SOMA Breath, is a certified yoga teacher, energy healer and I've worked with shamans in the Andes and the Amazon. For over 20 years I helped companies solve complex problems before transitioning to coaching to help individuals like you.

The Community will offer:

  • Weekly Alchemy of Potential Discussions

  • Group Support

  • Monthly Workshop

  • Exclusive discounts for in person events

What else you could expect from Alchemy of Potential:

As a member of the Alchemy of Potential community we will go beyond what you can learn yourself online to include:

  • Improved brain function provides more clarity and focus.

  • The ability to hack your autonomic nervous system to manage stress & anxiety. 

  • Increased Level Of Vibrational Energy (L.O.V.E) helps to strengthen your immune system.

  • Connect to your inner self and reach elevated states of consciousness.

  • Empower you with tools to help you grow the legacy you most want to live right now through breathful, souldful and mindful practices

  • Nurture your flow so that you an soar higher than you ever imagined in your life and your business

  • 10% off all retreats, workshops and in person events (see the bottom of this page)

Path of Authenticity

Connect deeply to who you are and discover new territories as you explore new ways to navigate the world.

Release the illusion and learn deep self-love and compassion.

Path of Potential

Connect deeply to your own intention and what matters to you most. By bringing yourself into alignment with your feelings you learn to trust your intuition and follow the emanations of your soul.

Path of True Purpose

Discover your true purpose in the world and be deeply supported as grow the legacy you want to live based on a deep understanding of yourself and your path of potential.

Do you want to be part of a community working on the a same goals?
Commitment free membership option now available:

from £29 per month, commitment free

or £23.20 per month for 6 months

3 Paths of Potential

For there to be true transformation on your quest for legacy and fulfilment, each of the 3 paths of potential offers a rich exploration of what it means to live in the present moment, from a place of truth, and in pursuit of one's true purpose.

Retreats & Events

Alchemy of Potential members receive 10% off all retreats, workshops and events, including early bird prices.

To avail the discount, members must be paid up at the time of book and at the time of the retreat.

Aegialis Resort & Spa Breathwork Yoga Retreat Amorgos

Breathe & Succeed - Greece

May 2021

Come on a 7 day adventure to one of the most beautiful islands n Greece. Together we will breathe and succeed!

Discount for early booking!

Carrapateira Beach Men's Retreat  Portugal

Men's Alchemy of Potential - Portugal TBC

Autumn 2020 TBC

Join us in the rugged South West for a deep dive into your own potential. We'll breathe, explore nature and come together as a community.

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