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Sat, May 02
Zoom link provided upon payment
Diamond Light Numerology - Sacred Numbers Of Your Soul (Virtual)
The Diamond Light Numerology System© was gifted from Divine Sources and is not only amazingly accurate, it is an in depth map for both emotional and spiritual understanding.Direct and easy to apply, you will discover what makes you tick and how you can transform yourself in remarkable ways!
Sat, May 29
Aegialis Resort & Spa, Amorgos
Supercharge Your Life - Greece
Supercharge your life and unlock your potential. Using breathwork, powerful mindset shifts and deeper connection to yourself, you will gain clear insights into your true nature, your ultimate purpose and your greatest path of potential. This will be a life-changing experience.
Time is TBD
Seladas de Cima Apart. 67, 7630-578, Portugal
Men's Conscious Leadership Retreat - Portugal
Discover a 3-fold path that can help activate you to the power of your highest potential. Using breathwork, somatic energy healing and deep transformative work, this retreat helps men to connect deeply with themselves within the brotherhood of other men.
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