Humans have used stories for centuries. I use writing to share wisdom from my own life and learnings. You'll like some of it, but perhaps not all of it. Notice how you feel when you read these stories and ask yourself - what is this feeling telling me?

If just one person learns something, then I have succeeded. To impact just one person is enough because once an impact has been made it cannot be unmade. Like the ripples in a pond, the effect spreads far beyond the point of origination.

Some of you know me personally, some professionally. I make no apologies for sharing stories about me, health and breathwork... my intention is to serve, not please.


It's time to unmask, get real and share our stories.

Grap a cuppa, relax and enjoy.

"The stories we tell literally make the world.

If you want to change the world, you need to change your story.

This truth applies both to individuals and institutions."

Michael MargolisCEO Get Storied -