Transform Your Life

Align Your Body & Soul

Transcend Your Challenges
Free Yourself

Bring Union to Body, Mind & Spirit

The consistent imprinting of misinformation given to humanity through generations has caused the misalignment of our mental, emotional and cellular bodies. This creates a sense of separation and consequent suffering within us.

Diamond Light offers a pathway to completely transform your life through the release of these imprints and obstacles so that you can come back your Divine Natural Awareness.

The Diamond Light Consciousness is a calling card to every human being wishing to stop their conditioned suffering and who desires to awaken to the invisible current of love & intelligence, which already dwells within them.

The Diamond Light Activations are not only a highly effective and nurturing path for self healing and self discovery, the Activations initiate a ‘spiritual reality of being’. They open you to the multidimensional levels of divine intelligence within yourself, allowing your Human Self to be brought into alignment with your Higher Self and Source Energy.

Upon your Activation you are made aware of both the divine & divided within yourself allowing not only an awakening of the true self, but also a transformation & reunion of the once polarised and denied aspects of the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

The Diamond Light Doctrine is that Within All Life is One Spirit and this One Spirit is the infinite aspect of you that transcends time, space and all suffering. It is the Light of Spirit before your human form and radiates from your Heart into your very cells and organs.  The symbol of the Diamond is a direct reflection of the pure & precious multi-faceted force that flows within your Diamond Lights or Chakra Centres and when you become conscious of this Luminous Universal Energy Field a transformation and inner integration like no other may take place within your Spirit, Will, Heart and Body.

‘The Diamond Light Activations, Symbols, Techniques and Numerology that you are gifted with during the Diamond Light Course also possess the divine intelligence of One Spirit and offer substantial training and transcendence from debilitating beliefs and emotions to the direct and tangible reality of Universal Intelligence within yourself.’

3 Levels of Activation

 Your Inner Temple of the Moon
Foundation Level & Path of Receptivity
The Path of Receptivity activates the feminine aspect of Spirit within ourselves.
It is represented by the element of water and our physical/emotional bodies and initiates a beautiful foundation of inner health, energy, creativity & groundedness to shine forth, transforming the experience of self abuse & self rejection which keeps us from loving and connecting to our own bodies, our planet and fellow man.
The Earth Star, Base & Sacral Diamond Centres are Activated.
Your Inner Temple of the Sun
 Heart Level & Path of Intensity

The Path of Intensity activates the masculine aspect of Spirit within ourselves.


It is represented by the element of fire and its free expression through the right use of our Divine Will, opening us to the power of our intuition, love and compassion and our connection to all things, transforming the experience of denial, self betrayal & resistance to our Soul’s true path.


The Heart, Solar Plexus & Throat Diamond Centres are Activated.

 Your Inner Temple of the Stars
 Diamond Level & Path of New Vision
The Path of New Vision activates the totality of  infinite consciousness within ourselves.
It is represented by the element of air initiating the unfolding of the unbounded Universe around us, transforming limited and debilitating human conditioning and belief systems while initiating new multi-faceted  perceptions of truth and understanding beyond our physical realm.
The Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star Diamond Centres are Activated.
What People Say...

Literally WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are a shining star and your glow ever brighter x amazing x deep deep DEEP thank you 

Sarah L., United Kingdom

  • You will receive  ACTIVATION of 9 Diamond Lights (chakras) allowing Spirit’s Light & Divine Current begins to flow effortlessly through you, activating your energy centres and awakening your own Soul’s Intelligence (Higher Self) and its Gifts.

  • You will learn powerful ANCIENT SYMBOLS to not only  elevate and enhance your everyday life and yourself in real and authentic ways,your relationships, home environment and work spaces will also become more harmonious and balanced.

  • An Acceleration Point within each Diamond Light will be initiated within you, so deep healing and transformation of your own mental, emotional & physical blocks can take place naturally and new pathways of inspiration and information can be received.

  • You will be taught an amazing system of Spiritual Numerology, which is unique to this extraordinary Diamond Light Modality and offers a kaleidoscope of advanced guidance and understanding in regards to your emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

  • These ACTIVATIONS also enhance and empower other transformational modalities you may be working with, such as Reiki, Massage and Counselling.

  • Through the ACTIVATION of your body’s own electro~magnetic energy drivers, or Diamond Lights, you will bring to your awareness all that needs to process and to heal for your complete transformation. These beautiful ACTIVATIONS are natural, safe and restorative and no matter what your faith, beliefs or emotional hurdles, will reawaken the inner beauty and deep knowing of love that we all possess.

One:One Diamond Light Sessions

Diamond Light Healing/Coaching

A One:One session offers the opportunity:

  • gain deep insight into the obstacle or challenge you are facing

  • actively participate in your own transformation

  • release the imprinting that keeps you misaligned and separated from your Divine Natural Awareness

60 - 90 minute session

Contribution: £85/115 per person

2 Day Virtual Diamond Light Activation Workshop

Small group virtual weekend retreat includes all three Diamond Light Activations & Diamond Light teachings.

Maximum of 4 per class

£350 per person


Supercharge Your Life - Greece

May 2021

Connect deeply to your soul, empower new beliefs and nourish your body through breath, yoga and dance on this 7 day retreat at a luxury hotel on a remote and idyllic Greek Island.

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